Let’s Talk About … Aliens (BONUS CONTENT)

with Elizabeth

And now for something completely different!  LOL just kidding; Elizabeth and Tricia are obviously not yet (and probably never will be) finished talking about aliens.

Fair warning:  If you don’t like curse words that start with “f,” you might want to give this one a pass, since our recurring joke relies on it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 8.37.04 PM

Elizabeth:  Alien matriarchy!  But for real, where do I join the unfuckable alien matriarchy?  I’ve been reading about Ted Cruz and am ready to flee the planet.  *awaits rapture*  *prayer hands emoji*
Tricia:  Maybe that is the reward for a life well-lived:  heaven is an unfuckable alien matriarchy.
Elizabeth:  Please have that carved on my tombstone.  #unfuckablealienmatriarchy

Tricia:  That is an amazing feminist rallying cry.
Tricia:  I seriously want to figure out where I can use that on a regular basis.
Elizabeth:  Well, you are potentially in the wrong industry (parachurch missions) for that.  Just wait until you retire.
Elizabeth:  Then make it into wallpaper, OR I will embroider it onto a wall-hanging for you.
Tricia:  70-year-old Tricia is going to be SO badass.  

Elizabeth:  For real, I do counted cross-stitch; would you like a wall-hanging that you can put in your kitchen?  Or shove in a closet when pastoral types are around?
Tricia:  omg omg I just realized what you said.  Do you embroider?  COULD YOU ACTUALLY EMBROIDER THAT!?
Elizabeth:  Yes!
Tricia:  YES YES YES
Elizabeth:  I’m really lazy about it, though, so you’ll get it in like five years.
Tricia:  That’s fine. Maybe by then conservative Christians will have embraced #unfuckablealienmatriarchy ideals.
Elizabeth:  THAT is a vision of holiness unparalleled by anything yet seen this side of heaven!  


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