Places I DON’T Want To Visit

To be honest, the short response to this post’s title is:  nowhere.  My modest goal in life is to visit every continent in the world, and hopefully every country.  However, since I know this is pretty impossible, I’ve made a hierarchy of of destinations, and some fall lower on the list than others.  For instance, I don’t have much desire to go:

rainforest-rainforest-32472978-1024-7681.  Anywhere along the equator, aka rainforesty places.  This includes northern South America, mid-Africa, and East Asia.  I just…ugh. Hot humid places with massive bugs?  It doesn’t immediately appeal to me.  Granted, I have learned that I can fall in love with places I didn’t expect.  And I mean, look at that picture.  Clearly I’m an idiot.  It’s gorgeous.  But I just keep imagining sweat continuously dripping into my eyes as I swat away hand-sized mosquitoes. 

num862.  Australia.  Again, this mostly comes down to bugs.  I heard somewhere (very reliable, I know) that everything dangerous lives in Australia and nothing dangerous lives in New Zealand.  This is why the friendlier island country is at the top of my list of dream vacations.  I am realizing, halfway through the post, that this list is entirely based upon my stereotypes.  When I think of Australia, I think of poisonous bugs and beaches, neither of which greatly appeal to me.  HOWEVER, I did read in Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country that there is a treehouse village in western Australia, and I am SO DOWN with going there.

mexico-landscape-581-123.  Mexico.  Dumb reason for this one too:  it’s too close to my home country.  The thing is, if I’m going to spend time and money to travel, I want to go somewhere that feels at least slightly exotic.  Crossing a single border doesn’t seem all that special.  But I used to think the same thing about Canada, and Vancouver is one of my favorite cities in the world.  This entire list is mostly just proving I have extremely poor judgment.

greenland4.  Greenland.  As a child, I fell for our English language trickery and assumed Greenland was amazing and beautiful while Iceland was a desolate wasteland.  I’ve since learned that the opposite is true, so….Greenland, I feel like you betrayed me.  I’m dumping you for Iceland.

I HAVE TO STOP.  This is ridiculous.  Although everything I said is true, every time I google search images for these places, I am blown away by the beauty I didn’t know they had.  I’m an idiot!  The whole world is worth visiting!  And although these places would still be lower on my list of preferred destinations, I WOULD DROP EVERYTHING TO GO if the opportunity presented itself.

Is there a particular place you don’t want to go?  Have you searched pictures of it and made absolutely sure?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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