Why I Love Moving

I’m a planner, so although I’m two months away from moving to Peoria from Dallas, I have already started thinking about packing.  Which, and I know this might make me extremely weird, genuinely excites me.  I love packing!  I love moving!  And I think it all comes down to simplicity.

The physical and psychological weight of clutter depresses me.  I like to have a few things I love very much (my cat and my books), and the rest is cycled in and out of my life.  It’s too easy to accumulate junk when you live in a full-sized house for year after year.  The more you have, the less meaningful individual things are.

In addition to the relief of having less, there is something very cleansing about starting over.  I love routine, but only to a point.  Eventually I grow tired of these things always being in this place, and assuming that this item can only fit here.  Moving into a new room in a new house offers a chance for creativity.  You get to see your favorite possessions in a new light, because they’re featured in a new space.  Old things feel new again.

Moving can be stressful.  But there’s a reason I’ve lived in four places in the last five years.  I love getting to de-clutter and start over!


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