Video Rec: HeyUSA Season 2

Last summer, I fell in love with HeyUSA, a video series about Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart traveling around the United States in order to wear weird outfits, drink a lot of alcohol, and participate in hilarious adventures.  I wrote a blog post about it!  When I found out there would be a second season, I was pumped.  When I found out Grace wouldn’t be in it, I avoided the videos for two months.  It just couldn’t be the same, I whined.  But in a moment of desperation (aka boredom), I caved.  And I’m so glad I did!  

Season 2 is different.  Instead of two besties roadtripping across America, Grace sends Mamrie to various cities alongside another YouTuber.  The variety is fun, especially in comparing her chemistry with each costar.  Colleen Ballinger and Flula Borg were my favorites, and watching Mamrie attempt athleticism on a trampoline had me screaming with laughter.  Watch them all!


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