New Travel Page!

I over-organize and over-share, so it was only a matter of time before I created a page that lists my trips in reverse chronological order.  You can find it by hovering over the “Travel” icon at the top of my page until the drop box appears, then selecting “Recent Trips.”

I like this page because it erases the US/international travel dichotomy I had previously established on my site.  There are beautiful places and cool people to meet in my own country and throughout the world, and I want to honor them equally.

I also like being able to see the number of places I’ve visited in a year and the months in which I tend to travel.  With this information I can get statistic-y and self-aware.  For instance, I have done a lot of traveling in 2015, and the year is only half over.  This directly coincides with my move from Texas to Illinois, and a frantic upswing in “I need to see as many things as possible before I leave!”  And based on three years worth of data, it looks like March and July are my preferred months for traveling.  Also easy to dissect, because at until age 27, I was still a student, and spring break/summer are prime times to take off on an adventure.

I hope this page is handy for some of you.  It definitely is for me!


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