StumbleUpon Sunday (9)

StumbleUpon is a giant collection of the best pages on the Internet.

StumbleUpon is a great way to lose hours of your life.  Luckily, I braved the Internet vortex so you don’t have to.  This week I found these especially interesting websites:

  1. The ULTIMATE Braingasm Gallery: 100 of the Most Satisfying GIFs You’ll Ever See
    It’s like listening to beautiful background music…but for your eyes.  So soothing.
  2. Your Morning Commute Just Got Awesomed
    Pictures of strange cars/sights while driving–weird people are endlessly entertaining.
  3. Cheeky Cheetah Goes Face-to-Face with with Tourist in Safari Jeep
  4. New Expressive Dog Portraits by Elke Vogelsang
    So much nose!
  5. 8 Movies My Past Girlfriends Forced Me to Watch That Made Me Who I Am Today
    I love the humility of this post, that even movie buffs can learn from and love something unexpected, thanks to the suggestion of someone trusted!

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