Would You Like an Animal with Your Coffee?

I sensed genius the first time I heard about cat cafés.  There is nothing I would like more than to drink coffee while surrounded by cats lounging in the sun and brushing against my legs.  Begun in Taipai in 1998 with its adorably named “Cat Flower Garden,” this trend is taking off and evolving to include other kinds of animals.  I have not yet had the privilege of experiencing an animal café, but it is high on my bucket list. 

Perhaps nothing goes quite so well with a morning cup of coffee as a cat, which is why cat cafés are still the most common animal/coffee hybrid.  They both evoke lazy morning contentment, and Fodor’s Travel has compiled a lovely list of 10 Irresistibly Cute Cat Cafés Around the World.  Some are havens for rescued cats, some double as shelters offering you the opportunity to take a furball home, and others simply create spaces for lucky pets to run the space.  I need to book a flight to Madrid so I can settle into the homey decor of La Gatoteca and drink coffee with Lady Macbeth in my lap.

Don’t worry, dog lovers.  Although the dog café trend is a little slower, they definitely exist!  Travel blogger Nicole describes her experience in Seoul’s Bau House Dog Café, a place where dog owners can bring their pets to play with the long term residents.  This seems to be the norm for dog cafés, where the treat isn’t so much visiting new puppies, but the freedom to bring your own into an establishment.  Owegoo has put together a list of dog-friendly cafés around the world.

Japan seems to be the unquestionable master of animal cafés.  In addition to cats, they have coffee shops with goats, owls, or rabbits.  I can’t imagine these animals being quite as restive or adorable as cats, but then again, I’m quite biased.  And I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to drink coffee with some goats, even if it were loud and chaotic.

Would you drink coffee at a shop filled with animals?  If you could choose any animal to snuggle up with while drinking coffee, what would it be?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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