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Cat Fostering: Amelie and Nelly

In my previous post about fostering, I ended by saying that Nine Lives, a cat shelter in Athens, Greece, was going to send me a kitten to help Amelie feel more comfortable after being rescued from a pack of dogs.  I showed a picture of a kitten who...did not come!  He ended up having some… Continue reading Cat Fostering: Amelie and Nelly

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Cat Fostering: Meet Amelie!

One of the first things I did when I returned to Athens was visit Hans Harrison, the cat I fostered for 9 months, in his forever home.  I sent pictures of him to Nine Lives, the cat shelter that had given him to me, and within hours I'd gotten a reply, "Do you want to… Continue reading Cat Fostering: Meet Amelie!

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Sunday Summary #49

1|  There is a large part of me that wants to ignore the fact that Johnny Depp abused Amber Heard, but that is a disservice to her experience.  I'm grateful that she's speaking out and encouraging other women who are silenced by self-shame to escape dangerous relationships. 2|  Did that last video depress you?… Continue reading Sunday Summary #49

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Sunday Summary #48

1|  This is exactly the kind of thinking that goes through my own head on a regular cat-cuddling day.

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Instagram Recommendation List

In my latest Podcast Recommendation List, Kim commented and requested that I do a similar post about Instagram.  I love fulfilling readers' wishes, so here you go!  Five people I follow on Instagram that I think other people might like following too. @lifeinbloomphotos This Midwestern instagrammer posts simple pictures of life in the country:  leaves,… Continue reading Instagram Recommendation List

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Sunday Summary #45

1|  WOW.  Paulette Perhach tells an all-too-possible story that immediately convinced me to start an FU Fund (yes, that stands for what you think it does).  Women!  Start a savings account!  Don't let your need for money keep you in a job or relationship that is harmful to you. 2|  My former Baptist pastor posted… Continue reading Sunday Summary #45

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A Week in Greece #25: I HAVE A CAT

On Monday, I had the world's longest layover in Istanbul (five hours!) on my way back from Cappadocia (check out a video of my weekend here).  Of course, if you've been paying attention to the news, you'll know that on Tuesday, there was a bombing in the Ataturk airport where 40+ people were killed and… Continue reading A Week in Greece #25: I HAVE A CAT