My Last Week with Rory

When people ask what I will miss most during the year I’m living in Greece, I think they assume I will say a person or a food or something.  Actually, maybe they aren’t, because several people have asked, “What will you do without Rory??” with all the gravitas of a tragic question.

Rory is what I will miss most.  I tend to prefer animals over people anyway, and Rory is the best little animal on the whole planet.  For instance, a day in the life of Tricia and Rory:   Continue reading

Oh Hey, Friday! #3

It’s another round of the Oh Hey, Friday! link-up from September Farm!  If you want to join in, just:

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1|  Sashayed’s Fall Playlist

I follow tumblr blogger Sashayed religiously, since she is clever, funny, has the cutest cat, and is horrified to find herself a 30-year-old One Direction fan.  She very occasionally creates playlists on 8tracks, including an awesome Pop Maenads series.  She just recently posted a second fall mix, Watch for Deer at Dawn, full of hipster lilting melodies, banjos, and the smell of cold in the air.  IMG_6778

2|  Wedding  

Tomorrow my high school friend Hope is getting married!  As a 27-year-old single person, I inevitably have mixed feelings about going.  On the one hand, I am super into celebrating life events with the people I love.  And a day full of fancy outfits, food, drinks, and dancing?  Obviously I’m into it.  But…oh joy, one more person getting married before me.  And also, I’m not complaining about taking my dear friend Emily as my plus one, but…I guess I’m complaining a little, because none of my guy friends are single anymore.  90% of the time I love my life, but it’s times like these that I just want a boyfriend to be my date to a wedding.   Continue reading

Happy 4th Birthday, Rory!

Growing up, I was a little obsessed with cats.  Every birthday cake was cat shaped, and there were at least two Halloweens when I painted whiskers on my face.  We had three cats (at separate times) before I was ten, though none of them were especially friendly.  Some family friends, however, had a cat named Locket that followed us around, allowed us to sling her around our necks, and generally put up with annoying children like a champ.  I wanted a Locket real bad.

When I was ten, my parents got a dog, and for twelve wonderful years I was a dog person.  Misty was cuddly, affectionate, and adorable.  But when she had two strokes, we put her to sleep, and my parents went on an already-planned vacation.  Alone in the house, grieving for one pet, I found myself desperate for another.  Continue reading

The Emotional Consequences of Binge Watching Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is a dangerous show, especially now that it is on Netflix and can go from episode to episode without requiring me to stand up and change DVDs.  In the last two weeks, I have watched four seasons of the show.  My obsession is just bad enough that I’m a little bit ashamed that I have not watched more.  Spending so much time in a fictional TV world has messed with my emotions, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse.  Continue reading

Travel Tips – Travelling with a Cat


My cat and I are extremely attached to each other, and my love of traveling is only marred by my sadness at leaving Rory behind.  The solution?  Bring him with me as often as possible!  Continue reading