Ohio to Maryland, With a Stop at Fallingwater

Today was all over the place. On the one hand, Christy made me an egg and ham sandwich for breakfast, and soon after I left her house, I stopped at a Tim Hortons to buy a large coffee for only one dollar. I’d thought Tim Hortons was a Canadian thing, but I’m glad the U.S. is selling their brands – I loved it!


Today’s drive was almost immediately different from yesterday’s. While I spent my first day driving through Midwestern fields and passing through big Interstate cities, today I drove through hills and forests, and probably half of the trip was driven on two-lane highways down back roads and through small towns. I even saw a lot of changing leaves! I tried to take pictures, but my iPhone (while driving) could not capture what I was seeing.

On the other hand (remember, today was all over the place), it rained pretty much the entire time I was driving. And there were tolls, bane of my existence. And then – road trip catastrophe! I was around big cities when my gas tank was half full, but I figured filling up wasn’t really necessary. When I hit a quarter tank, I decided to keep an eye out. Then my meter fell to two dots (very specific, I know), and I was in the middle of hill country western Pennsylvania, with nothing but trees and the occasional farm house in sight.   Continue reading

#32DaysInMyCar Has Begun!

Day one is done, and I’ve covered three states!

I’ll admit, about an hour into my drive this morning, I had that rush of worried feeling.  All the talking and planning was suddenly doing, and the reality of roadtripping for 32 days felt ridiculous.  I’m an introvert!  Why am I staying with friends and strangers every night for over a month??  The good thing about over-hyping something is that the humiliation of quitting publicly is enough to get you through those panicky moments.  And I’m glad it did, because the rest of the day went great.


Well, kind of.  I’d planned to stop in Indianapolis and picnic on the Funky Bones exhibit (as made popular by The Fault in Our Stars) at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  After four hours of driving, I discovered the museum is closed on Mondays!!  Agh.  Determined to fulfill my plan, at least partially, I picnicked on some colorful tables underneath weird sculptures, trying to ignore the yard workers passing by with weed-eaters and leaf-blowers.   Continue reading


Today marks the beginning of my month-long roadtrip!  I’ll be visiting old friends, seeing new sights, and making the most of my free time before moving to Greece.

Because my schedule will be so unpredictable, I am ignoring regularly planned blog posts (although I will continue to post book reviews every four to five days).  I’ll update when I can, but I don’t promise daily posts.  And instead of writing essay-type blogs, I’m going back to my roots:  stream-of-consciousness posts about my day!

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Packing for a Month-Long Roadtrip

My #32DaysInMyCar roadtrip begins tomorrow!  I am so in love with organization that I truly enjoy packing.  Luckily for me, the month of October will involve me living out of my car as I stay the night in eleven cities with multiple friends.  I threw a wrench in my own plans by including a five day trip to Dallas, meaning I have to pack for a plane as well.  The trickier the better!


I’m packing a small suitcase as my main luggage, which I’ll take into people’s homes.  I’m a fan of rolling clothes, and putting as many things (toiletries, socks, makeup, etc) in individual bags.  When traveling, I always take a white laundry bag to keep my dirty clothes separate from the clean ones.  And since October should hopefully get chilly, I have two scarves (one bright, one subdued) for fashion and for warmth.

The nice thing about this trip is that I will be staying with different people every couple days.  That means I can pack fewer clothes and not care about people seeing me in the same outfit twice.  Of course, the Internet will have documentation of my fashion apathy, but….the Internet knows a lot of embarrassing things about me.  What’s one more?   Continue reading

How to Plan a Roadtrip

My 30-day, 3,800-mile roadtrip is still two months away, but half the fun of a thing is anticipating it.  I’ve been color-coding calendars, putting together lists, and compiling suggestions on how to do this right (aka fun and cheap).

Ways to Save Money

  • Use the GasBuddy app to find the cheapest gas stations while on the road (suggestion courtesy of The Traveling Praters).
  • Stock your car with lots of food and snacks with discounted rates at Sam’s Club.
  • Because you have all that cheap food, try to avoid fast food restaurants as often as possible.
  • Avoid motels.  Stay with friends (or friends of friends) as often as possible.
  • Bring your own water bottle and fill up at gas station soda fountains.

Continue reading

Travel Tip: Roadtrippers

I found the Roadtrippers app a year ago, and I played with it for a couple hours before hiding it in a “Useful Travel Apps” folder.  Because it is well-named, I thought of it again a few days ago.  I mentioned on Facebook a desire to take a seven-month roadtrip in the time between leaving Dallas and going to Athens.  Several people surprised me, insisting that I take advantage of my free time and explore the country.  When it comes to traveling, a little encouragement goes a long way, so I spent all of Tuesday creating a month-long roadtrip for October.  Continue reading

Travel Tips – Travelling with a Cat


My cat and I are extremely attached to each other, and my love of traveling is only marred by my sadness at leaving Rory behind.  The solution?  Bring him with me as often as possible!  Continue reading