Packing for a Month-Long Roadtrip

My #32DaysInMyCar roadtrip begins tomorrow!  I am so in love with organization that I truly enjoy packing.  Luckily for me, the month of October will involve me living out of my car as I stay the night in eleven cities with multiple friends.  I threw a wrench in my own plans by including a five day trip to Dallas, meaning I have to pack for a plane as well.  The trickier the better!


I’m packing a small suitcase as my main luggage, which I’ll take into people’s homes.  I’m a fan of rolling clothes, and putting as many things (toiletries, socks, makeup, etc) in individual bags.  When traveling, I always take a white laundry bag to keep my dirty clothes separate from the clean ones.  And since October should hopefully get chilly, I have two scarves (one bright, one subdued) for fashion and for warmth.

The nice thing about this trip is that I will be staying with different people every couple days.  That means I can pack fewer clothes and not care about people seeing me in the same outfit twice.  Of course, the Internet will have documentation of my fashion apathy, but….the Internet knows a lot of embarrassing things about me.  What’s one more?  


This duffel bag will be what I take when I fly to Dallas.  Until then, it’s staying in my car as the holder of my refills.  I’m taking little bottles of shampoo/conditioner/etc into people’s houses, but I know I’ll run out before the month is over.  To avoid having to spend money, I’ll turn my trunk into a mini-mart and refill things as needed!


Ah, the bags.  I’m taking my nice camera, because I’m hoping for some beautiful fall foliage.  The grey bag will be my general purse, good for any situation.  The brown bag is for my computer and fundraising information.  Whatever I’m not using gets left in my trunk!


I’m only taking three pairs of shoes with me (plus rainboots!).  Sandals, TOMs, and boots.  My footwear attitude has always been comfort over style, and my apathy toward matching the perfect pair of shoes to an outfit is going to be very helpful on this trip.


During my second stop, I’m going to a Harry Potter festival with some friends, which means I’m packing a little bag with my super basic Hermione costume.  The robe is from my college graduation, the book and wand are obvious, and I’m hoping to pick up a cheap orange stuffed animal cat.  When I frizz up my hair, I think I’ll channel her nerdiness pretty well.


This is my front seat entertainment center.  I’ve got some audiobooks (more on my phone), a Bible, two non-fiction faith books, two fantasy books, and three library books about retellings of The Iliad and The Odyssey.  This collection will grow throughout the trip, because if there’s one thing I can’t resist purchasing, it’s a book (or five).


Roadtrips equal junk food.  I know there will be too many fast food restaurants and gas station snacks, but in order to avoid at least some unhealthiness, I’m packing some peanut butter, crackers, yoghurt, cheese sticks, nuts, etc.  And a basket of sweets.  I’m not that strong!  I’ve also got a lunchbag and reuseable baggies and silverware in case I have the chance to picnic somewhere outside of my car.

I’ve still got to put all this in my car, but….I think it’s doable!  It’ll probably be a couple days before I realize that I forgot something very important.  That’s okay.  That’s the benefit of traveling in the United States – you’re never too far from an emergency Walmart run.


3 thoughts on “Packing for a Month-Long Roadtrip

  1. Lindsay @ Wild Ginger Blog September 27, 2015 / 3:54 pm

    Yay for ROADTRIPS! I dont want you to leave, but I’m anxious for you to leave so I can read your posts! 🙂


    • Tricia September 27, 2015 / 5:47 pm

      That’s kind of how I feel! I hate to leave, but I can’t wait to have adventures worth writing (and reading) about! I’ll miss you, friend!! Write comments so we’ll stay in touch.


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