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Iceland: What You Need to Know (Guest Post)

by Michal Ann Morrison Iceland is one of the most bizarrely beautiful, arrestingly empty, and quirkily minded countries I have ever been to and you should go there. Ok so now that we have that out of the way, some things to know for when you decide to go (because I know you will)! If… Continue reading Iceland: What You Need to Know (Guest Post)


Travel Tip: Be Assertive

One of my favorite things about Gany is that she asks for what she wants.  She even asks for what I want, which is exactly what I like in a friend. When we were driving into the Mongolian countryside, we passed a small strip of desert.  Some young boys were standing by the road with… Continue reading Travel Tip: Be Assertive


Travel Tip: Stay in a Hostel

When I was planning my trip to New Orleans with Michal, I scoured my usual sites for a place we could stay.  Airbnb options were either too far away from the French Quarter action or else too expensive, and every hotel within our budget was boring.  At a loss, I googled, "Best cheap places to… Continue reading Travel Tip: Stay in a Hostel


Travel Tip: Roadtrippers

I found the Roadtrippers app a year ago, and I played with it for a couple hours before hiding it in a "Useful Travel Apps" folder.  Because it is well-named, I thought of it again a few days ago.  I mentioned on Facebook a desire to take a seven-month roadtrip in the time between leaving… Continue reading Travel Tip: Roadtrippers