Eating My Way Through New Orleans

New Orleans is an excellent place to gain weight, but with so many options of decadence, it’s wise to have an idea of which restaurants are worth indulging in.  In preparation of your trip to New Orleans, here is a list of places I ate, in order from best to worst:

IMG_47751.  Eat (French Quarter)

There is no better brunch in New Orleans.  The pain of waiting to be seated outside (which is unfortunately common in the city) is immediately remedied by a cute atmosphere and stunningly delicious food.  The must-have item on the menu is their Banana Fritters, which are fried, rolled in cinnamon and sugar, and served with chocolate and peanut butter dip.  I could have eaten those for the entire meal, but I had also ordered Eggs du Provence.  Served in a skillet with a truly massive biscuit on the side, it was the savory complement to our sweet appetizer.  Continue reading

Travel Tip: Stay in a Hostel

When I was planning my trip to New Orleans with Michal, I scoured my usual sites for a place we could stay.  Airbnb options were either too far away from the French Quarter action or else too expensive, and every hotel within our budget was boring.  At a loss, I googled, “Best cheap places to stay in New Orleans” (always Google everything), and Auberge Nouvelle appeared at the top of a list.

I’ve never stayed in a hostel before.  I have vague images of hostels as either being the setting of a horror movie or else populated by super cool hipsters.  Not wanting to be raped, murdered, or belittled, I avoided hostels when making travel plans.  But Auberge Nouvelle offered beds in a women-only room for just $30 a night, so my budget-conscious side won the argument.  Continue reading

Why Not Go to New Orleans?

A few weeks ago, Michal texted me, “I found round trip tickets for $80.  Want to go to New Orleans?”

“YES,” I immediately responded.  Within two days, our flight was purchased, our hostel was booked, and a kayaking swamp trip was scheduled.  We arrived at midnight last night!

Michal is one of my favorite people to travel with.  We both love food, history, feminism, literature, and cute boys.  We’re adventurous but laid back, equally ready for fun and rest.  I anticipate our weekend in New Orleans to be amazing, just like our vacation in Puerto Rico in December of 2015.  As I look forward to our new memories, I’m looking back at some old ones.

  1. Exploring Old San Juan.
  2. Rainforest Cancelled but Bioluminescent Kayaking Is a Go!
  3. Road Tripping Through a New Country.