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My 4-Year Mongolia Anniversary

Timehop reminded me that four years ago today, I was flying from Chicago to Seoul to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  I spent three weeks in the Asian country (south of Russia, north of China), and that trip remains one of my absolute favorite traveling memories, in large part because of how it came to be. In the… Continue reading My 4-Year Mongolia Anniversary

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Tricia Goes Camping With Orphans

Outside Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - July 2011 Sometime around five years ago, I decided that James 1:27 (“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:  to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”) ought to be taken literally.  I am still… Continue reading Tricia Goes Camping With Orphans


Why Not Go to New Orleans?

A few weeks ago, Michal texted me, "I found round trip tickets for $80.  Want to go to New Orleans?" "YES," I immediately responded.  Within two days, our flight was purchased, our hostel was booked, and a kayaking swamp trip was scheduled.  We arrived at midnight last night! Michal is one of my favorite people… Continue reading Why Not Go to New Orleans?

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Tricia Goes on a Float Trip From Hell*

Missouri - May 2015 *In Dante's Inferno, the lowest circles of hell are frozen. A couple months ago, Emily and I decided to meet up halfway between Dallas and Peoria.  That meant southern Missouri, and Emily quickly suggested we bring more of our friends and have a Memorial Day Weekend float trip extravaganza.  There were… Continue reading Tricia Goes on a Float Trip From Hell*

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Tricia Goes Two Stepping

I have two friends in Dallas who are too cool for me.  Stephanie and Candice actually go out on weekends, and I usually beg off because I'm working late, watching Netflix, or reading a new book.  But since my time in the great state of Texas is running out, I agreed to go two stepping… Continue reading Tricia Goes Two Stepping

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Tricia Marries a Seven-Year-Old

Fatick, Senegal - April 2010 "I'll be the queen," Melody said.  She pointed at me, "You can be the princess, and Ethan will be the bodyguard." I leaned back, enjoying the shaded hut in the Forsythe's front yard.  "I want to be the queen," I said, lazily stealing a 9-year-old's dream.  "I don't want to… Continue reading Tricia Marries a Seven-Year-Old

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Tricia Makes a Japanese Friend in Senegal

Fatick, Senegal - March 2010 One of the most powerful bonds between people is formed when people who feel like outsiders find solace in each other.  This is especially fun when there is nothing connecting these people other than the fact that they are outsiders. While I lived in Fatick, there were fourteen people in… Continue reading Tricia Makes a Japanese Friend in Senegal