Cool People, Weekly Series

#menaremorethan | STEVE

Whenever I think of men who make me feel safe, Steve is always the first to come to mind.  He runs a construction business and is massively tall, so by all rights he ought to be intimidating and hyper-masculine.  Instead, he absolutely radiates gentleness. I had the pleasure of co-teaching junior high Sunday School with… Continue reading #menaremorethan | STEVE

Cool People, Weekly Series

#womenaremorethan | MICHAL ANN

Michal Ann is the woman who started #womenaremorethan, which should be enough to put her in this series (she's thoughtful, innovative, and good with words).  But she's so much more than that.  She's a world traveler who has participated in archeological digs in Alaska, Greece, Dubai, and Ireland.  She's a blogger who writes passionately and… Continue reading #womenaremorethan | MICHAL ANN

Cool People, Weekly Series

#menaremorethan | MIKE

Mike is Libby's husband, and their early inclusion in this series showcases how much I love them as individuals and as a couple (and why I spent so many Sundays crashing their family time).  Mike was one of my favorite people in Dallas, since we shared a love of theological conversations, video games, and writing… Continue reading #menaremorethan | MIKE

Cool People, Weekly Series

#womenaremorethan | LINDSAY

Is it cheating to write about my best friend?  Well, no, I don't think so!  I wouldn't be best friends with anyone other than someone who deserves the label #womenaremorethan! Lindsay is one of those people who have so many talents, you'd want to punch them in the face if they weren't so darn NICE,… Continue reading #womenaremorethan | LINDSAY

Cool People, Weekly Series

#menaremorethan | DR.KREIDER

The first man I want to celebrate in this #menaremorethan series is the guy I bring up in conversation at least twice a week as, “my favorite professor from seminary.”  He would probably be half horrified/half proud to know just how completely he shaped my theology and the way I interact with the world, but… Continue reading #menaremorethan | DR.KREIDER

Cool People, Feminism

#womenaremorethan | LIBBY

I want to talk about Libby. She was one of my best friends in Dallas, and she constantly amazed me with how intentionally she addressed problems whenever she saw them, whether that was dealing with her past, befriending and caring for her neighbors, or making sure our connection group was loved and unified. She's crazy smart,… Continue reading #womenaremorethan | LIBBY

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Adventurous, Not Dangerous

When I die, I want this video playing on my holographic tombstone. Hahahahaa, I imagine that very few people will find this as hilarious as I do, but one of those people is Mallory, my amazing friend who shares my dumb sense of humor.  I'm so glad she visited and agreed that THIS was the… Continue reading Adventurous, Not Dangerous