The Story of a Friendship: Stephanie and Tricia

I met Stephanie on a college trip to Turkey.  I made a lot of friends on that trip, but she was a soulmate.  She was weird, creative, spontaneous, and always optimistic.  When we returned to Tennessee, we kept hanging out, and she quickly became my college bestie.


Having started our friendship while traveling, we continued to roadtrip together – short trips to Memphis, longer trips up I-55 to my hometown, and longest trips to Savannah where we both had family to visit.  Long car rides with Stephanie were easy.  We shared a love of 90s pop songs and modern musicals.  We were both obsessed with A Very Potter Musical, and we perfected our duet to “Granger Danger.”  We also used those long rides to craft the most absurd and delightful iMovies of our adventures.  We loved over-documenting ourselves, with pictures and videos and dumb clips, and we proudly showed our creations to anyone who was unfortunate to be around us for more than five minutes.  The most tragic thing in the world is that I cannot seem to find our 1-55 Adventure video, which was at least 15 minutes long and was totally awesome.   Continue reading

Harry Potter Challenge – Days 26-30

Day 26: If you could be able to work one spell without a wand what would it be?


(image referencing A Very Potter Musical by pettyartist)

Accio everything!  Listen, I’m a lazy person, and I cannot think of anything better than crawling into bed, realizing my book is still on the desk, and whispering, “Accio Harry Potter” in order to avoid getting up again.  And if the real Harry Potter happened to zoom into my room, well.  All the better.

Hah, “real” Harry Potter.  I DON’T CARE.   Continue reading

Harry Potter Challenge – Days 16-20

Day 16: Expecto patronum! What form does you patronus take and why?

Wolf Patronus

I took the Patronus quiz on Zimbio and they said my patronus is a wolf!

I’m not sure I would have chosen that on my own–the quiz assumes I’m far more of an assertive leader than I really am.  However, those ARE qualities I am trying to develop in myself (much like I think I earn my spot in Gryffindor by wanting to be brave more than I actually am).  So I’ll take the wolf!

The more I think about this, the better it is.  Imagine a swarm of dementors attacking, shouting “Expecto Patronum!” and a silvery wolf appears, leaping at them and snarling to keep them away.  I can’t imagine a better patronus.

If I hadn’t taken the quiz, I might have said a cat.  Not so much to fight dementors, but just like, for a peaceful companion.  But I already have a cat companion, so I guess a wolf patronus would balance things out.  One for fighting, one for resting.   Continue reading

A Very Potter Musical

A Very Potter Musical is a parody that pokes fun at its subject while never losing sight of the fact that everyone loves Harry Potter.  A group of college students from the University of Michigan created a three hour musical and uploaded it in short scenes to YouTube.  It quickly went viral and spawned two sequels and a theater company.

The Harry Potter books will always be first in my heart, because they are the foundation for all things Hogwarts.  But when it comes to visual representations of the stories, I believe the cheap student-made production far exceeds the multi-billion dollar movie franchise.  Continue reading