Last Day in Memphis

On my last day in Memphis, I spent the day being mentally and preparationally productive, but the only concrete evidence that I did anything was a load of laundry.  Eventually Mallory came home, though, and she and Jenna and I went out to eat at Casablanca, a Mediterranean restaurant with the MOST delicious tea made from Earl Grey, ginger, sage, and honey.


After dinner, we went to the Rec Room, which is a massive warehouse turned into a game center.  Katelyn joined us, and we played foosball and 80s arcade games.  It was especially great, because most of the games were free.  I would never have spent real money to practice Donkey Kong, but when it’s free, I can waste ALL THE TIME.  I hated Ms. Pac-Man, liked Donkey Kong, and loved Galaxian.  Not that I really got all that good at any of them.   Continue reading

Concerts, Conversations, and Girl Time in Memphis

I’ve now spent two nights in Memphis, and it just confirms that choosing to hang out with Mallory is always the right choice.

When I arrived on Saturday, we caught up for a couple hours, then met up with Katelyn, who as a cat named Chesterfield who immediately let me hold him and then purred really loudly when I started petting him! !! !!  Katelyn is also great.  No, really, I like her a lot, and the three of us went out to dinner where I discovered I like her so much because she is a lot like me: she’s an INFJ who loves Vancouver and nanaimo bars, which is enough for me to consider her my soul twin.   Continue reading

The Story of a Friendship: Elizabeth and Tricia

One of my best friends in college was Stephanie.  For a while, I spent the night every Thursday at her dorm, which meant I got to know her roommates pretty well.  One of those roommates was Elizabeth Waibel.  She was one of the coolest people I knew, and I assumed she thought I was mostly an idiot.  Well, if she did, joke’s on her, because it has been six years and now we are really good friends!


I don’t really know how we shifted from real life acquaintances to frequent Facebook conversationalists, but our mutual introversion definitely helps.  She is intelligent and snarky, which are two of my favorite qualities in a person.  She often posts culturally relevant statuses that challenge people to think more deeply, and she tags me in articles about feminism.  Internet besties!   Continue reading