Concerts, Conversations, and Girl Time in Memphis

I’ve now spent two nights in Memphis, and it just confirms that choosing to hang out with Mallory is always the right choice.

When I arrived on Saturday, we caught up for a couple hours, then met up with Katelyn, who as a cat named Chesterfield who immediately let me hold him and then purred really loudly when I started petting him! !! !!  Katelyn is also great.  No, really, I like her a lot, and the three of us went out to dinner where I discovered I like her so much because she is a lot like me: she’s an INFJ who loves Vancouver and nanaimo bars, which is enough for me to consider her my soul twin.  


After dinner, we went to Beale Street to see Judah and the Lion and Ben Rector.  Last year I was in Memphis for the Moon River Music Festival, which was the first time I saw Judah.  His music is fine, but mostly I loved how he wore a headscarf and looked like a sexy singing pirate.  On Saturday night he had upgraded to man bun, and at one point he was running around screaming and smiling really wide, and Katelyn said, “There is so much testosterone on that stage.”  “I know!” I replied, ecstatic.

(photo by @newdaisytheatre)

Then Ben Rector came on, and his music was alright, but he was really arrogant.  He kept saying things like, “When we found out we were coming to Memphis, we thought it would be a bad idea, but wow!  Look at all of you!  A sold out show,” heavily implying that despite his dread of playing for a city of idiots, he was surprised to find himself enjoying the night.  That killed a lot of my affection for him, until he started playing a cover song.  “Is it bad that this is the only song I know?” I asked Mallory.

“What is it?” she asked.

“….One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl.'”  WHATEVER it must be a good song if indie people are covering it, I’m covering my ears to avoid the mockery.


We left the concert during the last song (horrible etiquette but he was so rude) and went home.  Sunday morning I went to Christ City Church, and I found myself wanting to move to Memphis because it was SO GOOD.  The sermon was on the freedom to fail and be weak, and it was absolutely beautiful.  Mallory and I grabbed Central BBQ to take home and talked about the sermon for hours over lunch.

I was hard core craving a Sunday nap, so Mallory left to get Craigslist curtains with Katelyn while I slept.  I woke up when her roommate Jenna came home, and Mallory arrived just in time to join us for some Turkish chai.  Then we all just fell into the best sort of girl’s night where we ate cereal and snacks in bed while watching three episodes of Jane the Virgin, then talking for another hour and a half about boys and life and traveling, then hugging and affirming our love for each other before going to bed.  I’m so glad I’m not a boy so that I don’t have to pretend to be emotionless.


Today I get to see Ashley Pashley, my college roommate freshman year who is now married with a baby.  Different vibe, still cool people.


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