A Harry Potter Festival in Chestertown, MD

Every other event of my road trip will just have to fight for second place, because I cannot imagine a better day than today.  Elizabeth, her sister Natalie, and I drove two hours to Chestertown, a real life Stars Hollow that went all out to throw a Harry Potter Festival.  We parked on the outskirts of the cute bay town, and freaked out when we saw the “Hogwarts Express” sign on a train, with a Platform 9 3/4 nearby.  Little did we know what awaited us when we got into the town proper.

The Hogwarts Express – compared to everything we were about to see, this was nothing.


Dozens of local businesses participated in decking out their storefronts with wizarding goods, and the town square boasted a market of Harry Potter-themed foods and merchandise.  There were hundreds of people there for the celebration.  One of the things I love most about the Harry Potter fandom is that it is ageless.  There were kids, teenagers, young adults, and seniors there in varying stages of costume.  Families and friends walked the sidewalks, some with babies dressed up as owls.   Continue reading

The Story of a Friendship: Elizabeth and Tricia

One of my best friends in college was Stephanie.  For a while, I spent the night every Thursday at her dorm, which meant I got to know her roommates pretty well.  One of those roommates was Elizabeth Waibel.  She was one of the coolest people I knew, and I assumed she thought I was mostly an idiot.  Well, if she did, joke’s on her, because it has been six years and now we are really good friends!


I don’t really know how we shifted from real life acquaintances to frequent Facebook conversationalists, but our mutual introversion definitely helps.  She is intelligent and snarky, which are two of my favorite qualities in a person.  She often posts culturally relevant statuses that challenge people to think more deeply, and she tags me in articles about feminism.  Internet besties!   Continue reading