Last Day in Memphis

On my last day in Memphis, I spent the day being mentally and preparationally productive, but the only concrete evidence that I did anything was a load of laundry.  Eventually Mallory came home, though, and she and Jenna and I went out to eat at Casablanca, a Mediterranean restaurant with the MOST delicious tea made from Earl Grey, ginger, sage, and honey.


After dinner, we went to the Rec Room, which is a massive warehouse turned into a game center.  Katelyn joined us, and we played foosball and 80s arcade games.  It was especially great, because most of the games were free.  I would never have spent real money to practice Donkey Kong, but when it’s free, I can waste ALL THE TIME.  I hated Ms. Pac-Man, liked Donkey Kong, and loved Galaxian.  Not that I really got all that good at any of them.  


We went home around 9:30, and I told Mallory that maybe I could just start chipping in rent and stay with her for a while longer.  I LOVE MEMPHIS.  I love Mallory’s cute old house, and her two sweet roommates, and her grace-focused church.  I love the midtown restaurants and hangout spots.  I love being around loads of people my age who are single and struggling with careers and romance.  I’ve so enjoyed spending the last three days here, and although I’m excited to see my friends in Dallas, I’m super sad to leave Memphis behind.


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