TWO YEARS AGO | St. Maarten with Lindsay

Timehop revealed to me that this time two years ago, I was lounging on the beaches of St. Maarten with Lindsay (my Dallas Lindsay, not my Letters Between Friends Lindsay).  She had asked, “Do you want to celebrate my birthday in St. Maarten?” and after she showed me a half-price resort deal on Groupon, I said, “YES.”

I have a lot of fond memories from that trip (especially my first time snorkeling despite my abysmal swimming skills, but…there was a hot guy to impress), and what better way to indulge the nostalgia than to watch a vlog about it?

Cappadocia is a Fantasy World Come to Life

Last weekend I went to Cappadocia in central Turkey.  My brother and his partner are on vacation, touring through the Balkans and visiting Idil’s family in Turkey.  My belated Christmas gift from them was the chance to meet up for a weekend in Cappadocia!


Seriously, Cappadocia is one of the most unique, beautiful places I’ve ever visited.  Idil said that it feels like you’re walking through a Star Wars planet, and she was right.  It was also exactly like wandering through a fantastical setting in a Final Fantasy game.  As someone who THOROUGHLY enjoys escaping the mundanity of real life in favor of fantasy books, movies, or games, it was amazing to realize I could have the best of both (real and fake) worlds!

I may or may not write a longer post about Cappadocia with pictures, but for now, I’d rather leave you with this video!  I did a much better job this time with actually filming the things we were seeing, and WHAT THINGS THEY WERE.  Fairy chimneys, underground cities, and cave churches!  Check it!

Adventurous, Not Dangerous

When I die, I want this video playing on my holographic tombstone.

Hahahahaa, I imagine that very few people will find this as hilarious as I do, but one of those people is Mallory, my amazing friend who shares my dumb sense of humor.  I’m so glad she visited and agreed that THIS was the best way to document our adventures.

Enjoy 2 minutes and 20 seconds of the dumbest jokes in the history of idiocy!

Video Blogs of Jenna’s Visit!

I really like editing together vlogs with varying levels of seriousness, so when Jenna said she was okay with my documenting our adventures, I had a ball!  Here are the vlogs I made of her four-day visit!

1|  Jenna arrived in the afternoon and we hurried downtown to do a little sight-seeing and a LOT of eating.

2|  We made the most of our tourist day by visiting All The Things:  the Acropolis and its super-cool new museum, the Temple of Zeus, and the 1896 Olympic Stadium, where we were big weirdos and it was so much fun.   Continue reading