Travel Tip: Be Assertive

One of my favorite things about Gany is that she asks for what she wants.  She even asks for what I want, which is exactly what I like in a friend.

When we were driving into the Mongolian countryside, we passed a small strip of desert.  Some young boys were standing by the road with camel halters in hand.  “We’re going to stop to go to the bathroom,” Gany explained, pointing to the hole in the ground surrounded on three sides by bright orange tarp.  “Do you want to ride a camel?  It’s three dollars.”

I stared greedily out the window.  How fun!  But…this was just a bathroom break.  Gany and our driver wouldn’t want to wait while I rode a camel.  My friend watched my face, opened the car door, and said, “I will hire a camel for you.”  Continue reading