My Last Week with Rory

When people ask what I will miss most during the year I’m living in Greece, I think they assume I will say a person or a food or something.  Actually, maybe they aren’t, because several people have asked, “What will you do without Rory??” with all the gravitas of a tragic question.

Rory is what I will miss most.  I tend to prefer animals over people anyway, and Rory is the best little animal on the whole planet.  For instance, a day in the life of Tricia and Rory:  

  • My alarm goes off.  Rory pads up to my face, sits beside me and purrs loudly until I pet him.
  • He follows me to the bathroom, meowing croakily because he hasn’t used his voice for 10 hours.
  • I feed him, and he kneads my feet and winds around my legs as I pour food in his bowl.
  • He leaves his newly filled bowl to follow me into the kitchen.
  • We sit in the armchair for a while I check out the Internet and he sleeps in my lap.
  • I get ready and he either sleeps under the bed or jumps in my lap while I’m putting on makeup.
  • I leave, and it is sad.
  • I come home, and he greets me by kneading my feet and running back and forth to my room until I follow him.
  • The rest of the night he just kind of sits on me wherever I am.
  • I shower, he paws at me through the curtain.
  • I get into bed with my laptop, and he curls up on my chest so that I have to strain my neck to see the screen over him.
  • I slowly put the laptop away and rearrange pillows without jostling him.
  • I slowly roll onto my side so that he slips to the bed, and we spoon with his head resting on my arm.
  • Repeat.

He is the cutest thing in my life, and he loves me almost as much as I love him.  I’m leaving him with my parents, and I think my mom is a tiny bit glad I’m leaving so that he will cuddle with her instead of me.  But knowing that he’s going to be well taken care of does not stop me from missing his darling little emotionless cat face.

Here are some random pictures of him from this past week:







One thought on “My Last Week with Rory

  1. Mary January 9, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    He’ll get lots of loving, but he’ll miss you too!

    Liked by 1 person

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