StumbleUpon Sunday (12)

StumbleUpon is a great way to lose hours of your life.  Luckily, I braved the Internet vortex so you don’t have to.  This week I found these especially interesting websites:

  1. She Lives in a Boeing 727
    This woman is a genius!  I want to live in an airplane treehouse!
  2. Wild Polar Bear vs. Dogs
    I was side-eyeing this photo series in case something horrible happened, but they became friends, how adorable!
  3. 20 Photos of “Terrifyingly Ferocious” Pit Bulls
    I lived with a pit bull last year, and she was the sweetest little cuddle bug.
  4. There are Two Kinds of People
    These cute little drawings highlight the (often technological) ways we differ.  I found myself cringing throughout this post–how can people leave notifications on their apps??
  5. 7 Disturbing Comics on Depression
    I would necessarily say “disturbing” so much as “encouraging” and “awesome.”
  6. Clever Tips to Make Your Life Easier
    These suggestions are genuinely helpful, from increasing phone volume by placing in a bowl to downloading YouTube videos with a simple hack.
  7. Visit Norway – Geirangerfjord 360
    This is a place.  On Earth.  How can I go there immediately?
  8. How I Can Afford My Life of Constant Travel
    Blogger Wandering Earl gives a detailed list of 12 years worth of travel–where he went and how he picked up odd jobs to get him to the next destination.
  9. Apps to Watch
    Ten new apps to consider downloading, whether you like photo editing, pruning trees, cooking eggs, or finding wi-fi.
  10. 15 Strangest Houses From Around the Globe
    #8 and #13 are especially delightful/weird!

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