Inspirational Quotes Challenge

Coolbeans4 challenged me to share three quotes in three days, but I’m going to follow her example and do all three at once!  Three times the inspiration.

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
3. Nominate three new bloggers.  

Three of my favorite inspirational quotes are:

2b83f3fe710de67aa1b37d10c6c13d9eThis attitude toward growing up and staying childlike – embracing wonder and excitement – is one I hope I always keep.  I want to always say yes to building forts in the living room and catching fireflies.  Plus, if C. S. Lewis said it, well…it is law.

b07e912f4c6bdd022f756cac4f1ef7f2Apparently I have a fondness for quotes by theological giants discussing something other than theology.  I love this quote by St. Augustine.  It’s so true!  Every time I travel somewhere new, I learn something new about life, or people, or myself.  I want to read the whole book, and re-read it too!

downloadSo many of my values were shaped by the Harry Potter series, and this quote has stayed with me ever since I first encountered the Mirror of Erised.  I tend to be a dreamer, focused on how things should be.  A lot of the time this keeps me from enjoying right now.  Dreaming of the future is wonderful, but only insofar as it’s a kick in the butt to live fully in the present.  Thanks, Dumbledore.

I Nominate:

Wild Ginger
S Jae Jones
A Lady of Many Names

Thanks, coolbeans4!


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