Oh Hey, Friday! #1

I decided to try something new, so I’m jumping on the blogging bandwagon and trying out the Oh Hey, Friday! link-up from September Farm.

1 | grab this here snazzy summer-themed button and link back to Sept. Farm.
2 | link up your post at the bottom of this post.
3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.

Today’s Five:

1. Dungeon Boss App
I am ADDICTED to this app that I found laying around the Apple Store for free.  They somehow made the worst part of an RPG fun – I literally sat for hours, finding heroes, leveling them up, adding hidden treasure….on repeat, for, like I said, hours.  I have a feeling I will eventually reach that app plateau where they expect you to work for more than five seconds to reach a reward, and then the magic will be gone.  No thanks, instant gratification only, please!  

2. Yard Sale: Part 2
I had an awesome yard sale last weekend and raised a bunch of money toward my Greece fundraiser.  We sold a lot of stuff, but there is still half a garage full of things that I need to get rid of!  Luckily, this weekend is am entire neighborhood yard sale, so I’m hoping to go half-price and sell everything else.  I still want to make money, but at this point I’m more interested in avoiding a Goodwill run.

3. Tupperware Fundraiser!
FullSizeRender (1)

Speaking of fundraising, my awesome friend Jennie works as a Tupperware consultant, and she’s created a fundraiser where I get 40% of people’s purchases when they go through Tricia’s Ministry in Greece.  There are some great bowls, tumblers, and lunch boxes available, so please consider getting something for your family!  I’m excited about this opportunity, both for the money I might make, and because it feels really great to be supported by a friend who is voluntarily putting in a lot of time and effort to help me out.

4. Harry Potter Weekend in Chestertown, MD
When I’m visiting my friend Elizabeth the first weekend in October, we are going to go full nerd and participate in Chestertown’s Harry Potter Festival.  Her sister is going to join us, so we are currently planning costumes.  I’ll probably go as Hermione, because that’s easiest – graduation robe, let my hair go frizzy, carry a book and a stuffed animal cat.  It’s really delightful to plan a girl’s weekend with another mid-20s female friend….centered around Harry Potter scavenger hunts and quidditch games and Leaky Cauldron house parties.  I refuse to grow up!

5. Tanner’s Orchard
FullSizeRender (2)
Tanner’s Orchard is a Peoria staple, and everyone is currently losing their mind now that they’re open for autumn business.  A church member brought the church staff some apple muffins yesterday, and my grandma came up with (pictured above) apple cider donuts.  Everything is so soft and moist and delicious, and the donuts are soooo cinnamon-y and sugary.  I cannot wait to go there myself as soon as possible, where I will inevitably eat myself to death.

That’s this week’s five!  I like this meme; it’s a nice way to touch on things that might not warrant an entire blog post, but which are fun to write about anyway.  Until next Friday!


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