Oh Hey, Friday! #4

It’s another round of the Oh Hey, Friday! link-up from September Farm and 5 on Friday from A. Liz Adventures!  
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1|  Letters Between Friends


I love creatively collaborating with friends.  Lindsay is one of my nearest and dearest, and since she has a blog, we’re going to start a weekly series writing back and forth to each other called Letters Between Friends.  Originally we were going to wait until I was in Greece, but we got so excited we decided to launch early!  And since I’m traveling the month of October, it’s great practice.

2|  Fall Is Coming

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.44.31 PM

Autumn is my favorite season.  I love the jackets, scarves, rainboots, and changing leaves.  I hoped that by traveling east, I might get an early glimpse of the best of seasons, and I have!  So far, western Pennsylvania has the best red/gold/green tree combinations.  Yesterday in Maryland it rained, so I outfitted myself with umbrella, boots, and jacket.  IT WAS SO DELIGHTFUL.

3|  Asian Everything

I’m staying with my friend Elizabeth for five days, and more often than not, we’re doing something Asian related.  We had an entire Japanese-themed trip to Washington DC, we’ve visited an Asian supermarket in Rockville, and we spent the afternoon hanging out at the Asian Bakery Cafe drinking bubble tea yesterday, then ate Vietnamese bahn mi for dinner.  I wish it weren’t so expensive to go to Asia (Japan specifically).  Of course, spending money to go to cheaper places in the meantime isn’t helping me save up or anything.


4|  Fundraising

This monthlong road trip is for “fun and fundraising.”  Every day so far, I’ve had someone contact me to let me know that they want to donate to me, which has been so hugely encouraging!  I was praying especially that God would connect me to people I wasn’t expecting, and so far I’ve seen one friend excitedly tell me that her boss is very interested in ending human trafficking, and could she take some of my info to show him?  Um, YES.  I still need to raise about $10,000.  If you haven’t given already, please consider it, and donate online here!

Thermometer 10.1.15

5|  Sleeping In

Admittedly, this is stretching things in terms of “what ought to be blogged about.”  But I’m using my best material in my daily blogs about my adventures!  Having spent the last two months working as a secretary, getting up at 6:40 am in order to be at church by 8:00, it is SO GREAT to sleep in until 9:00.  The life of a couch-surfer is a good one.


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