Netflix Rec: What I Watched in October


Jane the Virgin
2014 – current
1 Season on Netflix (22 episodes)

Jane is a 23-year-old virgin, determined to save sex for marriage.  When her gynecologist accidentally inseminates her with the sperm of an attractive hotel owner that she works for (and that she kissed five years ago) who cannot have any other children because of cancer, how will she break the news to her fiancee?  And that’s just, like, the first ten minutes of the first episode.

I am forever indebted to my new Memphis friend Jenna for introducing me to Jane the Virgin.  It is over-the-top dramatic in the best way possible.  Based on a telenovela, everyone’s relationships are convoluted and the plot twists are ridiculous.  But the narrator’s voice breaks the tension with snide remarks that allow you to feel above the drama even though you’re totally digging the hilarious twists and turns.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
1 Season on Netflix (13 episodes)

Kimmy Schmidt is one of four Indiana Mole Women who were kidnapped by a cult preacher and grew up in an underground bunker to wait out the apocalypse until they were rescued and realized their whole life was a lie.  Kimmy vows to start over in New York City, making absurd friends and empowering people to live fabulous and free lives.

The theme song is one of the best in existence (“Unbreakable! They alive, damnit! Females are strong as hell.”) and the show boasts some of the quickest jokes in existence.  Titus Andromedon is a true comedic talent who will make you cry with laughter (“But I’ve already done something today!”)  This is definitely for fans of absurdist comedies like 30 Rock, and everyone else will think it’s super weird.  Which it is, but that’s what makes it awesome.


The Great British Bake Off
1 Season on Netflix (10 episodes)

Ten contestants compete in a series of baking competitions to discover who is Britain’s best amateur baker.  I’m not usually much of a cooking show fan, but I loved this show!  After some self-reflection, I came up with three reasons.  One, it’s British, and everyone has British accents: automatic plus.  Two, the people in the show are normal-looking people.  Even the hostesses where schlumpy jeans, and the contestants look like average people from real towns.  It’s so refreshing!  Three, for a reality show, it is decidedly straightforward.  There isn’t annoying recaps of what you’ve been watching before and after commercial breaks, and they announce the winner and loser without reliving the previous 45 minutes and with very little fanfare.  I would watch so much more reality TV if this were always the case!


Human Planet
1 Season on Netflix (8 episodes)

Made by the people who created Planet Earth, this show focuses on the various people groups who live on our beautiful planet.  Like it’s nature-based predecessor, each episode focuses on a different climate (desert, arctic, mountain, etc) and the people who live there.  It’s a fascinating look at the ways people adapt to their surroundings and create really stunning things despite limited technology (the 30-foot tall treehouses in the Jungles episode is especially impressive).

That’s what I watched on Netflix in October!  What about you?  Leave a comment and give me some recommendations!


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