Sunday Summary #7: What’s on the Internet

1|  Hamilton is taking the Internet by storm, and this article on The Mary Sue makes a compelling case that the hero of the musical is not Alexander, but Eliza Hamilton.

2|  BuzzFeed has created a list of 18 reasons Japan is amazing, including tons of vending machines and organized signage.

3|  The Gospel Coalition posted a spot-on critique of Christian films, culminating in a sentiment I agree with 100%.

What if God Is Not Dead was about a Christian wrestling with the fact that he knew atheists smarter and more ethical than himself?

Suddenly we would have a chance to say something vulnerable, honest, and profound. But as long as Christian films are motivated by a desire to trap people into hearing a gospel presentation, or as a consolation for losing the culture war, they should not make the final cut.

4|  The Travelettes wrote a beautiful ode to female solo travelers, reminding us of the beauty, frustrations, and worthiness of exploring the world.

5|  Andrea Wenger’s writing blog has a post about the writing process of INFJs that I found very accurate.  She’s got posts for other personality types, too, so check them out if that sort of thing interests you.

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