NEW: Workout Attempt

My exercise bar is set incredibly low.  I don’t actually have one, as in, I don’t actually exercise.  This has never been a huge deal, since I’ve been lucky enough to stay roughly the same size my entire adult life.  But moving home to Peoria (the land of fast food), combined with a road trip where everyone was super kind and happy to buy and/or make deliciously unhealthy food for me in between long stretches of sitting behind the wheel of a car…has caused me to notice three changes.

  1.  I had to get a physical in order to put a letter of health in my visa application, and I was shocked when they weighed me.  I’m not telling you, because I hate scales and basing health on a number.  But it was definitely a catalyst to making me want to do something.
  2. My winter sweaters do not fit the way they used to, and I am NOT about to let myself gain enough weight to necessitate buying an entirely new wardrobe of pants and tops.
  3. While in Seattle, I was confronted by my lack of stamina when Roy and I slogged through snow one day and went bike riding the next.  The number of times I had to stop and catch my breath was embarrassing.

I don’t feel healthy.  And okay, some of it is also vanity.  But mostly I want to feel like I’m being proactive, and I want to reclaim the sense of power that comes with being strong.

So to that end, I’m going to try to work out every day during the month of December.  Now, this does not mean anything nearly so remarkable as it sounds.  Remember my bar is at zero, so literally anything will be a win.  Months ago, I downloaded the 7 Minute Work Out app (read a description of it here), and I used it…twice in July and twice in October.  *covers face in shame*


This month, that changes!  Why?  Because of social pressure!  I’m planning on reporting my weekly success rate on Saturdays, and hopefully, knowing that I’m publicly accountable will be the motivational kick in the butt that I need.

Alright, so.  Seven minutes a day!  Here I go, attempting to stumble over this INCREDIBLY low bar.

Are you interested in joining me?  If you want to be held accountable to working out at least 7 minutes every day (with the 7MWC app or any other way), leave a comment.  At the end of each week, I will ask how you’ve done so you can publicly brag…or hang your head in shame.  No big, we’ve all been there.



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