TEN YEARS AGO…Pervy Teachers


Thursday, December 1, 2005

Wednesday was fun, as far as I recollect.  I helped out with Emily’s speech seventh hour.  Playing handbells with our moms.  It was weird, because…I never wanted to be in Mr. Sandy’s class ever again.  What a crazy pervy teacher.  Luckily, I don’t think I ever actually saw him.  I must have had tunnel vision, because I just walked in, played, and smiled at Andrea as I walked out.  No Mr. Sandy.  Yay.


I’m cutting the old entry short because I want to scream I TOLD YOU SO.  I mean, this is a pretty awful thing to brag about getting right, but….I’ve never let appropriateness stop me from gloating!

Okay, so back when I was in high school, Mr. Sandy taught speech class (and ten years ago I was helping a younger friend with her speech, which is when I wrote this post).  The two things I specifically remember him doing that weirded me out are:  1)  he walked down the hallway once, belched loudly, and stumbled into the wall, and 2)  he stood behind my gorgeous friend Michelle in class and actually RAN HIS FINGERS THROUGH HER HAIR.

That’s the obvious one.

Fast forward to a couple years ago, when Mr. Sandy was arrested for videoing faculty (and one underage student) going to the bathroom with a cellphone intentionally left in the room.  Gross gross gross.

Honestly, I’m more surprised that that isn’t the most horrible thing to happen at my high school.  Just a couple months before Mr. Sandy’s arrest, another teacher was arrested for using a iPod on the floor to film student’s underwear!

So….proud.  Of myself!!  For totally seeing the shadiness.

Not so proud of my old school.  Yikes.

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