Ten Years Ago…2005 HIGHLIGHTS


Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Highlights

  1. I started my second semester of my junior year, which included some of my favorite classes:  0 hour PE, with lots of slacker friends, (!) psychology (!), AP US History with Holmes, AP English with Kahn (and dropping gum with Jill), and band in between Liz and Hope.
  2. Dare2Share was amazing as always, only this time I shared the wonderful experience with Michelle and Lacie.
  3. I rocked the AP tests and the ACT.
  4. I actually enjoyed VBS.
  5. I made a whole new set of friends on the New York trip in the form of the younger youth group.  As a part of that, I sang, rang, and HOPEd by way through IN, OH, and PA to end up in NY painting and learning how to play (!) euchre (!)
  6. I went to World Changers for the first time against my will and had an AMAZING time.  I met wonderful new people, climbed a ladder (and scaffold), learned Marvelous Light, and wrote and received lovely Encouragrams.
  7. I started my senior year and found it delightful in the nearly absolute nothing I had to do.  Photography became a fast favorite, and I actually found myself enjoying English with crazy Mrs. Wood and making new (or better) friends with Mercedes and Allison during Resource.
  8. I got accepted to Union University and then got some scholarship stuff that I have yet to fill out…oops.
  9. I met Carrie, Roy’s girlfriend, and loved and hated her equally.  Nothing’s really changed there.
  10. I lost some close friends and gained some new friends, sometimes at the cost of many tearful nights.  But in the end (of the year) I’m rather pleased.


Yeah, 2005 was a pretty good year.

I do want to clarify, however, that I never really hated Carrie.  I just didn’t know that what I was feeling was jealousy.



Friday, December 23, 2005

Last night was my favorite moment of Roy/Carrie visiting.  Why?  Because Roy asked Mom and I to watch some Lost with him (he’d watched the first six episodes while sick).  So we watched one, and when it was over, Roy sad, “Well, we can’t stop there!”  We really are siblings, after all.  So we watched another.

Today they’re gone for who knows how long.  It’s nice to be back to only-child status, being lazy, eating junk food, and using Roy’s computer and the TV all day without fear of disapproval.  Maybe I’ll miss them later.


Here are some of my recent thoughts on my relationships with others: Continue reading



Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I have slept and read my free evening away.  It’s been wonderful.

Last night I had two really odd dreams.  In the first, Joel…my pastor…invited me to a bar because he had some huge, tragic news to share.  I assume to lessen the blow of the revelation, he bought me a green margarita.  I don’t remember anything but the drink–and that it surprised me that he would buy it, seeing as how we are Baptists and I’m a minor.

Secondly, I dreamed I was escaping from a concentration camp of sorts.  Of course it wasn’t so terrible as reality.  I remember planning secretly with a group of others, among them Allison Brown and Josh Ng.  We decided to paint ourselves green all over, which we did at a huge vat of green–something or other.  Then we paired up as if strolling around peacefully (I don’t remember if we were still green) and wandered nonchalantly to a nearby parking lot.  There we proceeded to cram over twenty people into a fancy car, somehow without problem or notice.  Then I woke up.

I’m not really a big believer of deciphering dreams and all that, though I do think people or situations that are a big part of your waking life can pop up in dreams.   Continue reading

TEN YEARS AGO…Chicago Photography Field Trip

I’m trying something different this week.  Instead of writing my response at the end of the post, I’m going to insert comments into the piece itself [TODAY: like this].  Hopefully this will flow a little better!


Wednesday, December 7, 2005

It was a grand (but cold) day in the Windy City.  Seriously…I had so much fun.  Michelle and Jill are great people to wander Chicago with. [TODAY: When I was in Chicago with Kelly a couple weeks ago, I told her all about this field trip!  I didn’t realize that it had been exactly ten years…cute.]

The three hour ride up was less than thrilling.  We watched various Will Farrell stuff, and that was funny, but it got a little long.  [TODAY: Cue pretentiousness.]  Then we arrived at Navy Pier, where we (M, J, and Julia) ate lunch, took some pictures, and shopped a bit.  At first it felt really weird carrying a camera around my neck, but I got used to it.  It helped that there were 50 other kids in the near vicinity doing the same thing.

Around one we went to the art institute, which wasn’t very exciting at first, because we (M and J) didn’t know where to go.  So we headed to the cafe and ate a brownie.  [TODAY:  Hahaha, when in doubt – EAT!]  Eventually we found a section of paintings, which I really liked.  And it was even cooler because there were students there painting…paintings.  We took a couple pictures of that.  Then we walked over to Millennium Park and took pictures of crazy art forms, people, and ice skating.  It was freezing.  I ended up wearing a hat, it was so cold.  Crazy. [TODAY:  lol, this is an incredibly strange comment to make, but you just have to know I hate how I look wearing a hat, so it really was a big deal.]   Continue reading

TEN YEARS AGO…Pervy Teachers


Thursday, December 1, 2005

Wednesday was fun, as far as I recollect.  I helped out with Emily’s speech seventh hour.  Playing handbells with our moms.  It was weird, because…I never wanted to be in Mr. Sandy’s class ever again.  What a crazy pervy teacher.  Luckily, I don’t think I ever actually saw him.  I must have had tunnel vision, because I just walked in, played, and smiled at Andrea as I walked out.  No Mr. Sandy.  Yay.


I’m cutting the old entry short because I want to scream I TOLD YOU SO.  I mean, this is a pretty awful thing to brag about getting right, but….I’ve never let appropriateness stop me from gloating!

Okay, so back when I was in high school, Mr. Sandy taught speech class (and ten years ago I was helping a younger friend with her speech, which is when I wrote this post).  The two things I specifically remember him doing that weirded me out are:  1)  he walked down the hallway once, belched loudly, and stumbled into the wall, and 2)  he stood behind my gorgeous friend Michelle in class and actually RAN HIS FINGERS THROUGH HER HAIR.

That’s the obvious one.

Fast forward to a couple years ago, when Mr. Sandy was arrested for videoing faculty (and one underage student) going to the bathroom with a cellphone intentionally left in the room.  Gross gross gross.

Honestly, I’m more surprised that that isn’t the most horrible thing to happen at my high school.  Just a couple months before Mr. Sandy’s arrest, another teacher was arrested for using a iPod on the floor to film student’s underwear!

So….proud.  Of myself!!  For totally seeing the shadiness.

Not so proud of my old school.  Yikes.

TEN YEARS AGO…First Snowfall and Low Grade Depression


November 16, 2005

Gah!  I LOVE Lost and I HATE Ana-Lucia.  I love that every episode I’m left with my mouth hanging open, eyes bugged out, gasping for some sort of closure that never comes.  Every week–it’s just awesome.  I’m in love.

In other news, it was the first snowfall today!  Quite exciting.  Now we just need a good blizzard, a few snow days, and then I’m ready for spring.  But I do like snow.  I wish somehow it could snow without being cold.  Because I don’t like that.  Especially since I know we’ll have to be marching in it soon.  Ew.  Related to snow, my milk carton today was special; it had snowflakes on it.  There were only three of them.  Weird, but I was excited.  No one else seemed to understand the cuteness of it, but oh well.   Continue reading

TEN YEARS AGO…Leaf Raking and Ice Skating

Today we’re kicking off the Ten Years Ago… blog series!  This isn’t exactly ten years ago to the day, but I am giving myself a little leeway so that I find more interesting blog posts to share.  But I promise to stay within a week of today’s date!


November 5, 2005

I got up at 7:00 this morning.  Ungodly.  Earlier than school.  Why would I do such a thing?  To rake leaves.  Yeah.  Actually, it was pretty cool because I wasn’t going to (or just call later and meet everyone elsewhere), but I felt like God wanted me to.  If for no other reason than because He wanted me to, and it was a test sort of thing.  So I went.  And people cheered when I walked into church.  Hahaha.  My bad habits are well-known.

We (the youth group and RAs [little boys] were split into two teams.  Ours went to the Steeres (where we got hot chocolate and doughnuts…mmm…), Knights, and the Abels.  Then we all recongregated at church for lunch, which was grilled hotdogs and chips and that sort of thing.  I finished up my mood/emotion roll, but I don’t think it’s very good.  I mean, they’re good pictures (I hope) but I don’t think they’re very moodful.  And we definately set a pumpkin on fire.  It was sweet.  A great way to capture 30 odd kids’, teenagers’, and adults’ attentions.   Continue reading

TEN YEARS AGO… New Blog Series

On Monday I am going to start a new blog series!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.52.49 AMI have been blogging ever since the Internet became a thing.  I’ve had blogs on Xanga, Blogger, and WordPress.  And I kept it all!  I have massive Word documents of archived blog posts, and I recently realized that I have these saved back to 2005.  The ten year difference seems auspicious, so beginning Monday, I’m going to start “Ten Years Ago…”  In this new series, I’ll share a blog post from sometime that week ten years ago (it won’t always be on the exact day because I want leeway to find more interesting posts to share).  Then I’ll react to the old post as my ten years older, and hopefully wiser, self.

To kick off this series, I’m going to share, and re-do, a survey that I did exactly ten years ago.  It’s especially fitting, because the survey itself is about looking back ten years.  So really, this newer post will encompass twenty years of my life.  Whoa.  Enjoy!


November 5, 2005

Lindsay took my survey thing, so I’m taking hers.  Yay for timewasters!

10 years ago, I:
1.  was 7/ in 2nd grade
2.  was friends with Michelle and Lacie
3.  chased Ricky Carroll and put pink ribbons in his hair
4.  read 100 books and got an award
5.  wore spandex shorts   Continue reading