Ten Years Ago…2005 HIGHLIGHTS


Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Highlights

  1. I started my second semester of my junior year, which included some of my favorite classes:  0 hour PE, with lots of slacker friends, (!) psychology (!), AP US History with Holmes, AP English with Kahn (and dropping gum with Jill), and band in between Liz and Hope.
  2. Dare2Share was amazing as always, only this time I shared the wonderful experience with Michelle and Lacie.
  3. I rocked the AP tests and the ACT.
  4. I actually enjoyed VBS.
  5. I made a whole new set of friends on the New York trip in the form of the younger youth group.  As a part of that, I sang, rang, and HOPEd by way through IN, OH, and PA to end up in NY painting and learning how to play (!) euchre (!)
  6. I went to World Changers for the first time against my will and had an AMAZING time.  I met wonderful new people, climbed a ladder (and scaffold), learned Marvelous Light, and wrote and received lovely Encouragrams.
  7. I started my senior year and found it delightful in the nearly absolute nothing I had to do.  Photography became a fast favorite, and I actually found myself enjoying English with crazy Mrs. Wood and making new (or better) friends with Mercedes and Allison during Resource.
  8. I got accepted to Union University and then got some scholarship stuff that I have yet to fill out…oops.
  9. I met Carrie, Roy’s girlfriend, and loved and hated her equally.  Nothing’s really changed there.
  10. I lost some close friends and gained some new friends, sometimes at the cost of many tearful nights.  But in the end (of the year) I’m rather pleased.


Yeah, 2005 was a pretty good year.

I do want to clarify, however, that I never really hated Carrie.  I just didn’t know that what I was feeling was jealousy.

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