Workout Week #2

Progress Report

By the Number

I took off last Sunday because I was busy and also I didn’t want to work out!  I’m okay with that, especially since what worried me was:  if I take a day off, will I ever get back to working out?  Thankfully, this week the answer was yes!

I used the 7 Minute Workout on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. The other days, I counted myself has having worked out if I walked over 10,000 steps in New York City.  I definitely exceeded that goal, since I walked 16,660 steps on Tuesday, 13,700 steps on Wednesday, and 16, 470 steps on Friday.

By My Feelings

I feel okay, I guess.  It feels a bit like a cheat week, since it is easy to be tired and muscle-sore from walking around a cool city and doing amazing things.  It’s a lot harder to work up the motivation to jump around in my bedroom for even a few minutes.  This next week will be the real test!

Goals for Next Week

I’m challenging myself to do the 7 Minute Workout twice a day at least four days this week.  I got to that point at the end of the first week, so it seems pretty reasonable.  And while the majority of this whole deal is to make me feel like I’m being proactive about my health, I would like to actually see some results, aka lost weight and added strength.  I have a feeling I have to work out for longer than seven minutes for that to substantially happen.


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