Sunday Summary #10: What’s on the Internet

1|  This hilariously over-the-top description of one man watching Hamilton and being forever changed made me laugh out loud three times.

Intermission arrived. We all sat stunned in our seats, unable to move, unable to leave the temple that this theater had become. Many were rocking and weeping; others soiled themselves. I tried to recall the details of my life before this moment, but nothing came: All I was, all I ever would be, was a person seeing Hamilton.

2|  I’m guilty of under-appreciating Martha Jones (I mourned Rose for a long time), but this blog post helped me remember the Doctor’s companion’s awesomeness!

3|  The remake of Final Fantasy 7 is apparently going to be episodic.  I’m totally okay with paying all the monies, but I’m going to HATE waiting.  What a geeky conundrum.

4|  One of my favorite things in the world is when Stephen Colbert goes on a Tolkien rant, and this one (where he channels Atticus Finch in order to exonerate a Turkish man) is one of his best.

5|  WHAT A TRAGEDY.  On Friday, our last day in New York City, I said, “We should try to get on Stephen Colbert’s show like we did Seth Meyer’s.”  But it was north of everything else to do, so we passed the opportunity by, TO MY NOW IMMENSE REGRET.  Who appeared as a guest on Friday’s show and had a rap battle with Colbert?  Lin-Manuel Miranda himself.  THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE (uh, second best, after Hamilton itself).

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