Workout Week #3

Progress Report

By the Number

Look at those numbers!

I took Sunday off, because Sunday is nap day, and I’m realizing that it’s probably going to be A Workout Break 90% of the time.  I’m okay with that.

But the rest of the week?  So awesome!  Read below to find out why.  

By My Feelings

On Monday, I was already bored with the 7 Minute Workout.  It’s scientifically proven to be effective, yada yada, but doing the same 12 moves day in and day out was awful enough, let alone doing it multiple times a day.  So I dipped my toes into the world of exercise apps, and it changed everything for me!

I downloaded free apps for Daily Cardio workouts and Simply Yoga workouts.  I bought an extra exercise cycle of the 7 Minute Workout ($1.99).  I started using Blogilates videos – free on YouTube – again (my friend Nancy and I unsuccessfully tried to work out to these via text, but we were both too nice when one of us forgot to do it).  The variety kept me interested and distracted while working out.

But the biggest difference was when I got the free app Fooducate.  Through this app, you give up your height and weight and set a goal (they recommend losing .5 pounds a week so that the loss is gradual and sustainable) to work towards.  You keep track of what you eat and watch your calorie allotment steadily decrease throughout the day.

Now, a caveat.  I usually avoid these kinds of systems, because it can be so easy to become regimented and cruel to yourself.  Food can become a nuisance instead of a blessing, and progress can look like denial instead of strength.  SO.  I am trying to be very cautious with Fooducate, both mentally and emotionally.  But here’s what I like about it so far:

  • It’s helping me see the caloric value of the food I eat.  I had no idea eating a bag of Homestyle Popcorn was 500 calories – I would have guessed somewhere nearer to zero.  On the other hand, I thought coffee would have some calories, but turns out that actually is zero!  I basically have no concept of what I’m putting into my body, and I appreciate being able to learn more about what I can have more of and what I ought to save for special occasions.
  • It is SO HELPFUL for me to see my daily allotted calories disappear as I eat and reappear as I work out.  This is what I want in a health routine – an awareness that as I increase my activity, I can also increase my eating!
  • It’s helping me make smarter decisions about what I do and/or eat.  For instance, the first day I used the app, my mom surprised me with a chocolate turnover from Arby’s.  “NOOO” my brain shouted, “This will ruin everything and you will get fatter!  AND IT WILL SHOW ON A CHART, which is worse!”  But there is nothing that empowers me more than self-shame, so I ate that chocolate turnover just to prove to myself that I will not let fear of social judgment keep me from enjoying the good things in life (and because it was delicious).  Fooducate told me I’d just consumed 520 calories, so I decided to forego my evening glass of red wine and do an extra workout instead.  WIN/WIN.

Ideally, there will come a day when I don’t need Fooducate anymore.  I would like to fall into a rhythm where I know how much my body can take, and what I need to do to counteract indulgences.  But I need order and structure and education before I can get to that point, so for now: Fooducate stays!

Goals for Next Week

Next week is Christmas!  My brother will be here, which means that we will eat more, but we will also eat healthier.  Honestly, I’m just going to enjoy the holiday, and I’ll try to throw in some exercises here and there, but without any guilt or shame if I don’t.  Trying to keep a schedule with company is a quick way to go crazy.


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