Last week I asked Lindsay some weird questions (stolen from Grace Helbig’s podcast Not Too Deep), and this week she answered them!  AFTER she emotionally toyed with me by almost committing to skipping work and hanging out in Chicago with me for a day, but I’ll forgive that because her answers are hilarious.  


Dear Tricia,

Good Morning Glory!

I hope your week home from New York has been restful.  I’m sure coming down off your “Hamilton High” has been slightly exhausting.  Of all the places in the world, New York is still a place I haven’t been.  Been to the state, but not to the city.

I was almost thinking about playing hookie tomorrow at work and stowing away in your trunk (or maybe your passenger seat…whatever) to Chicago.  Is it weird, that I would have dropped you off at the building then wandered ‘til you were done?  Of all the people I can take a road trip with, I feel like you and I could go somewhere, hang out half the day together, then we wander off by ourselves, then meet up again later and be totally happy.  If our mothers knew, they might not like the idea of us wandering around in a big city by ourselves, but I could EASILY see us both doing that… Is that normal?

BTW, I can’t play hookie tomorrow or else I would TOTALLY be there!

So, last week you responded with more questions… Here are my answers…

1 | If you could throw cold spaghetti at one person, who would it be and why?

I think I would throw it a Ruthie.  Is that bad??  To throw spaghetti at my child??  HA!  I would first want to see if it grossed her out, then I would do it to be annoying, then I would keep doing it because she would start throwing it back…and that, my friend is memory-making… “Mom!  Remember that time, we had a cold spaghetti fight?!”  *Do normal people think this much about throwing cold spaghetti??

2 | What crime would you like to be known for?

I think it would be laundering money (because that would mean I had spare change) or harboring refugees (because that would mean that I’m helping someone)

3 | Are you more worried about farting on a plane or the people around you farting on a plane?

DEFINITELY me farting on a plane!  Because it’s all about me, see!?  And if I look bad…but if it was a crop duster, I guess I wouldn’t be as worried b/c no one would know… J  Too much?

4 | What is your worst pants-sh**ing story, using only three words or three small phrases?

  • 2nd Grade Achievement Tests
  • Little metal box in the stall
  • Commando the REST of the day

Well, now you know my farting tendencies & my best sh**ing story!  HAPPY THURSDAY FRIEND!

I’m sure I’ll tell you this many times before next Friday, but MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Love, Lindsay


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