Letters Between Friends: LATELY…


Dear Tricia…

Yes…I am a day late.  The stars aligned yesterday & I had the opportunity to slightly veg for a few hours.  That possibility added blinders to anything and every other responsibility I had, including writing you a letter….forgot the computer at the store… I’m sorry…
But GUESS WHAT?!?  I get to see you..like REALLY SOON!
I think some Thursday, while you’re home & not traveling, we have a LBF Combo (excuse to drink coffee/eat food/blog/get away from daily responsibilities…
I plan on blogging a Oh, Hey Friday post today also, because in other exciting news, we listed the Spec House!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  The boys worked soooo hard on it & it’s cool to see the designs all work together.  It’s CRAZY that we made it to this point.
I LOVED the Christmas pictures you posted this morning!  The TREE picture… I just wanted to be there again!

These letters are getting shorter & shorter!  I’m so sorry!  Let’s choose some themes again!  Like a dream Christmas gift or search Realtor/Pinterest for a dream house… ah i dunno.

Happy Friday!!!

Love, Lindsay

Letters Between Friends: LET’S ADVENTURE


Dear Tricia,

The first week I was home was surreal.  I woke up every morning awake & alert!  I had breakfast with the girls and then we would start getting ready and be on time.  This week I am DDRRAAAGGGGIINNNNGGG!

I think a part of it is that We came home and it’s dark now by 4:30pm.  Dang Daylight Savings Time.  But a BIG part of it also, is that now I am adventure-less.  I have no where fun to look forward to.  Can we work on that?  I’m thinking Holland or a road trip up the east or west coast or possibly a trip to Oklahoma. 🙂


I haven’t seen a fundraising update!!!  The deadline was this week and I want to know how you did!!! Your life was a little hectic when I left you, so I totally understand the busy factor.  I’ve been praying like CRAZY!

I’ve also been brainstorming the ROOF again.  I’m going to draw something up and talk to Emily first…then I will reveal to you. 🙂  I also made sure to tell your Grandma Stark how SAFE you are and how successful you have been and how you CAN’T WAIT to see her in a few weeks.  She was so happy to hear that.  🙂  Every sunday morning, I just want to make her a cup of decaf tea and prop her feet up so she can be as stress-free as possible! I can’t handle all my “Woodland Grandparents” getting old.  They simply MUST stop.

Ok…I hope you get to BRAIN VEG soon.  I pray for you daily.  *Virtual Hug*



Letters Between Friends: 2 DAYS…


Dear Tricia,


I am actually rather surprised that I am so ready, but I am going with someone WAY more organized then me, so she’s helping with that process!  Love it.  I am trying to prepare my mind for Athens, but I honestly don’t know.  I’m still in the “WING IT” mentality.

My list of “To-Dos Before 10/29” is fairly short…mostly just finish the girls’ Halloween Costumes & close all my Mary Kay sales for October, and go Grocery shopping…and lay out clothes for the girl…well, and a few more other things, BUT IT’S SHORTER than it was!

My Mary Kay ladies are SUPER excited about my trip.  They were so encouraging.  They brought me LOTS of free GOODIES to leave.  I hope we have WAY too much fun.  I may have to take off my proverbial consultant hat for an hour and try some of this stuff myself.

I keep getting giddy for all this extra time I will have soon.  My brain has set such high expectations for wanting to write like CRAZY and read books and reflect on life and Jesus and veg, but I’m trying to lower them and take the “SUCCESS” odometer out of the trip. It’ll be a FREAKIN’ awesome success when I land in Athens.

Last random thought…I’m still trying to think of another tattoo JUST IN CASE…  I’m kind of clueless right now, which I can hear my mama (and your mom & Cheryl) saying, “Well, then maybe you shouldn’t get one…,” but let’s get serious.  I’m getting one.  *psh*eye roll* I’m SOOO 30 years old.

Ok, Love.  See you in 2 Days!  WHAT?! Next LBF we will be IN THE SAME SPACE!!!

*sorry no pictures.*  Here.  I’ll make one..




Letters Between Friends: CHALLENGE UPDATE


Lindsay and Emily are coming to visit in just nine more days!  Their arrival reminded me to get serious about the challenge Lindsay extended before I moved to Greece – ten things I have to do, OR ELSE.  I wrote to Lindsay this week with an update…8 down, 2 to go!  Head over to her site to see what I still need to do.





Dear Tricia,

Fall weather has hit. Like a pumpkin pie to the face. After the weekend, we went from 89 to 67 yesterday and 59 today.

I do know that you enjoy fall and warm-like clothing, but I don’t remember your feelings on Tanners. Completely nostalgic, yet terribly overpriced, but I will probably be back every year, and of course those apple cider donuts…yeah…that place.

We went there today. After we picked up the girls at school Mom and I took them out to frolic in the brisk air.  Nathan has a soft spot for the apple cider donuts so of course we sent him a picture to rub in his bearded face…


We played on all the fun trains & buses &slides.  I really wonder what goes through a kid’s mind sometime when they come to a place like this with SO much stuff today.  I feel like I would be so overwhelmed I’d shut down and just watch…but Ruthie was like a pinball in a pinball machine.  *ping*ping*ping*  Continue reading



Dear Tricia,

So….I didn’t even realized I missed Thursday until it was SATURDAY!  Like totally missed full days…But I knew exactly what I was going to write you!  SO I’m going to do it ANYWAY…even though it’s Monday.

Back here is the states, so very far away from you, anxiously awaiting your return (or our departure on 10/29…both really) we have been working diligently to try and keep you in Greece…Makes no sense really.  But, being your best friends means I want to make sure dreams come true.  So off to work I go.   Continue reading

Letters Between Friends: WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT GREECE


Dear Tricia,

First I would like to thank you Miss Tricia for my history lesson today.  I learned some new stuff and RE learned some old.  Most of the historical stuff I read was as one would assume…Because Greece is one of the world’s oldest civilizations, the influence MANY Greeks had on EVERYTHING is astounding.  Math (Pythagorean Theorem), Language, Architecture, Art & Theater, Psychology, literature, fashion (draping, gladiator sandals, headbands, etc.), democracy, should I keep going??

Basically, we wouldn’t be the America we are today without Greece.  So how about I give you some random trivia knowledge about everything Greece… Some you may know, but others (I will feel accomplished if) you may hear for the first time!!!


  1. Athens is one of the oldest capitals in the World.  (Back story: The original capital was Nafplio, then that was stripped during the fall of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th Century.  Athens became the capital in 1834.)
  2. Nearly 17 million tourists visit Greece every year, which is 50% more than their entire population!
  3. Greece is the most sexually active country according to Duramax survey.
  4. Greek is the oldest written language and one of the oldest spoken languages in the world.
  5. Cleopatra, famous Egyptian ruler, was actually GREEK!  Not Egyptian at all!
  6. Greeks invented the yo-yo!
  7. The Parthenon at Dusk
    447-438 B.C., Athens, Greece — The Parthenon at Dusk — Image by © Colin Dixon/Arcaid/Corbis

    So that Parthenon was actually in pretty good shape most of it’s existence…but in the 1600s they were using it as a place to store gun powder and there was an explosion…that + time = what the Parthenon looks like now.

  8. Greece is the leading producer in sea sponges!
  9. No point in Greece is more than 85 miles from water.  Greece has about 9,000 miles in coastline, 10th longest in the world.
  10. The first recorded Olympic games was in 776 BC staged in Olympia.  It consisted of one event, the 200 meter dash.  BUT FIRST, they sacrificed 100 bulls to Zeus.  The dude that won it, Koroibus, was a baker from a nearby town.  And of course, he did it in the buff.

So did I teach you anything?!?!  Every other article I found was, “You’re an American going to Greece?!  Oh my! Be careful!  People want your money, and don’t wave at someone with an open hand.  And if they spit on you, it’s a good thing.”

HAPPY THURSDAY/FRIDAY!  See you in 64 days!



Letters Between Friends | AMATEUR MAKEUP TUTORIAL

Dear Tricia,

I hope you thoroughly enjoy this because it is one hot mess!

Your challenge for next week should you choose to except it: letters between friends crafty Tricia edition. I want to see the right side of Tricia’s brain hard at work!



Letters Between Friends: SUNSHINE & SUMMERTIME with 70SPF


Dear Tricia,

How is it that I move from a job where I have summers off BACK to a job where I work year round and this has been one of the funnest summers yet!?

I’ve been working hard to make it a point to take the girls places and do fun summer things…BUT also making sure they see all the work.

But let’s get serious…when you’re “working” with a 2 and almost 4-year-old, everything is entertaining!

Our Summer Activity…

1.      We are outside with LOTS with animals.  We have acquired quite a few animals lately, which requires lots of extra time outside…

The Kittens… Charlotte & Mona  Continue reading

Letters Between Friends: GREEK “CULTURE”


Last week, Lindsay asked me four questions:

1|  If you were to go get a cup of coffee, where would you go?
2|  Diet wise, what’s the biggest difference?
3|  What habit or norm of the Greeks most fascinated you?
4|  What does fashion look like in Greece?

Check out my answers over on her blog, Wild Ginger!

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