Letters Between Friends: LATELY…


Dear Tricia…

Yes…I am a day late.  The stars aligned yesterday & I had the opportunity to slightly veg for a few hours.  That possibility added blinders to anything and every other responsibility I had, including writing you a letter….forgot the computer at the store… I’m sorry…
But GUESS WHAT?!?  I get to see you..like REALLY SOON!
I think some Thursday, while you’re home & not traveling, we have a LBF Combo (excuse to drink coffee/eat food/blog/get away from daily responsibilities…
I plan on blogging a Oh, Hey Friday post today also, because in other exciting news, we listed the Spec House!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  The boys worked soooo hard on it & it’s cool to see the designs all work together.  It’s CRAZY that we made it to this point.
I LOVED the Christmas pictures you posted this morning!  The TREE picture… I just wanted to be there again!

These letters are getting shorter & shorter!  I’m so sorry!  Let’s choose some themes again!  Like a dream Christmas gift or search Realtor/Pinterest for a dream house… ah i dunno.

Happy Friday!!!

Love, Lindsay

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