Letters Between Friends: SUNSHINE & SUMMERTIME with 70SPF


Dear Tricia,

How is it that I move from a job where I have summers off BACK to a job where I work year round and this has been one of the funnest summers yet!?

I’ve been working hard to make it a point to take the girls places and do fun summer things…BUT also making sure they see all the work.

But let’s get serious…when you’re “working” with a 2 and almost 4-year-old, everything is entertaining!

Our Summer Activity…

1.      We are outside with LOTS with animals.  We have acquired quite a few animals lately, which requires lots of extra time outside…

The Kittens… Charlotte & Mona 


ClaraBelle the Cow


The chickens…Sorry…I dont have a good picture of these guys yet…we keep selling the ones I get close to.. 😦

And or newest editions… 2 Piglets… yet to be named…


2.      My garden is just NOW something to write home (or I guess to Greece) about…This is HANDS DOWN the best harvest I have EVER had!


I’ve got a basil plant that’s up to my waist (that’s big!), tons of green beans, tomatoes…I hate tomatoes, peppers, corn, and zucchinis the size of my first born, and as much as that’s a cliché saying, it’s the truth!


3.      We have been swimming lots this summer!  The girls love it.  Ruthie still but her head under (on purpose), but you have to watch Tessa constantly!  She will just jump in if you’re standing there to catch her or not.  We stay in the 2 ft kiddie pool a lot!


Besides that mothers know that with every GOOD swim comes a GREAT NAP!


4.      And of course like every good mom in the yucky HOT summer…we sit inside and play with Snapchat filters!  Tessa knows how to do 3 things on my phone…YouTube, the Camera & Snapchat.  I don’t even completely know how to use Snapchat!


So, I think I’m 79% sure that…. I’M COMING…YES!  To YOU!  THERE!  Me!  I Know!

And I plan on talking to my travel companion whose name cannot be shared until confirmed this weekend and talk details.  I’m starting to slowly freak OUT!  Well, really it comes in spurts…

OK Your assignment should you choose to accept it!  GREEK POP Culture!  Who does everyone love?  Movie stars? Singers?  Olympians?  Magazines…who’s on the cover?

PS Imagine Dragon is playing right now and all I can hear is A & K singing in the back seat!

OK!  Miss you!  I’ll get you more details soon!  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Love, Lindsay

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