A Week in Greece #29: Not Much…

When I write these posts, I look back through my pictures to see what I did during the week.  I have nothing worth posting here, because they are either pictures of HD participants or pictures of stray cats.  Which, honestly, is a pretty good summary of my life in Athens.

I dunno!  This week involved a lot of Skype meetings: with my GEM supervisor, with my SA supervisor, with my brother.  They were fine.  I also had a visit from my “cat supervisor,” to keep this paragraph on point.  Cordelia told me that I can keep Hans Harrison for as long as I’m in Greece, which is excellent news!  She also gave him a cat nip mouse toy that he carries around with him in his mouth as I move from room to room.  Then he tosses it around and meows at me to find it when it disappears from his sight.

Work was fun/rough this week.  It was our third Celebration Week, which gave me a break from teaching.  But there were also a lot of new questions that we had to wrestle with, and there aren’t easy answers, so it’s been stressful.  Bloop bloop bleep, how annoying is it that I have to be so vague about work-related things on here?  It’s just as annoying for me, I promise!

I was only a little social this week.  I went out to dinner with Luciana and George on Tuesday.  They are a super nerdy couple, and I hope we will all play computer games together in the future.  And on Friday, Tatiana and I celebrated her first real pay check by getting sushi and watching the BBC production of And Then There Were None.

Today I met Kendra for coffee at a really cute tiered garden coffee shop in the center.  We haven’t hung out for a while, and it was so good to discuss being an American in Greece.  It seems like one or the other of us is always in the midst of culture shock when we hang out, but it’s so good to have someone to complain to or encourage.  Then I went shopping because all the shops are like, 30-50% off during the month of July.

That’s it!  Next week starts my Crazy August Month of Family and Friends and Traveling.  I CANNOT WAIT I need a vacation.


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