Dear Tricia,

So….I didn’t even realized I missed Thursday until it was SATURDAY!  Like totally missed full days…But I knew exactly what I was going to write you!  SO I’m going to do it ANYWAY…even though it’s Monday.

Back here is the states, so very far away from you, anxiously awaiting your return (or our departure on 10/29…both really) we have been working diligently to try and keep you in Greece…Makes no sense really.  But, being your best friends means I want to make sure dreams come true.  So off to work I go.  

I few of us put our heads together thinking about different ways to raise $$ for you, and HERE is what we have come up with!

First, and you’ve seen this already, but

It’s ALL Greek to Me – Tricia’s Pampered Chef Fundraiser!  


Sue Marquardt has opened her home this Saturday night and we are hosting a local Pampered Chef party for anyone and everyone in the area that can come.  For everyone that isn’t local, all they have to do is go to Brittany’s (the Pampered Chef Lady) website:https://www.pamperedchef.com/pws/brittanycashdollar, shop around and come up with a list of goodies you’d like and message Brittany or Me with the order (fb, email: lindsay@wildginger.biz, txt 309-635-8569) and it will go toward your party.  If we get $1,200 in sales from the party you get 20% of the sales! THEN any party that is booked from that party Pampered Chef donates $10 more for each party!  We will also have stuff about your ministry sitting out at the party and we will talk about what you do for people to give directly!  I have high hopes for this! J

 Second: #TriciaGets20   


I talked about this a vlog ago, (remember that AMAZING backwards sign!) #TriciaGets20 which means 20% off all my sales in Mary Kay in the month of October are going to YOU!  I’m getting a post card ready to send all my customers…I want to be a party booking, skincare selling MACHINE!  I already have one party booked and people waiting for October to place their orders!  I have some great promos & incentives going right now to book parties, so I’m prepping! (If others are reading this and they want to get their wish lists put together, *and you don’t currently have a Mary Kay Consultant!* my website is www.marykay.com/lindsay_wineinger)



The 1st or 2nd week in November, Brittany is going to have a Wednesday Night dinner where she is going to cook some Greek Cuisine and promote it as a Fundraiser for you.  All the proceeds & donations from dinner will go to you.

I’m working like crazy now for the month of September to get done what I need to make from MK so I can put together some EXTRA goodies to bring with me for you and the ladies.  You’re kind of a big deal around here.  Just so you know.

Love You Friend  **46 days!**



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