Letters Between Friends: LET’S ADVENTURE


Dear Tricia,

The first week I was home was surreal.  I woke up every morning awake & alert!  I had breakfast with the girls and then we would start getting ready and be on time.  This week I am DDRRAAAGGGGIINNNNGGG!

I think a part of it is that We came home and it’s dark now by 4:30pm.  Dang Daylight Savings Time.  But a BIG part of it also, is that now I am adventure-less.  I have no where fun to look forward to.  Can we work on that?  I’m thinking Holland or a road trip up the east or west coast or possibly a trip to Oklahoma. 🙂


I haven’t seen a fundraising update!!!  The deadline was this week and I want to know how you did!!! Your life was a little hectic when I left you, so I totally understand the busy factor.  I’ve been praying like CRAZY!

I’ve also been brainstorming the ROOF again.  I’m going to draw something up and talk to Emily first…then I will reveal to you. 🙂  I also made sure to tell your Grandma Stark how SAFE you are and how successful you have been and how you CAN’T WAIT to see her in a few weeks.  She was so happy to hear that.  🙂  Every sunday morning, I just want to make her a cup of decaf tea and prop her feet up so she can be as stress-free as possible! I can’t handle all my “Woodland Grandparents” getting old.  They simply MUST stop.

Ok…I hope you get to BRAIN VEG soon.  I pray for you daily.  *Virtual Hug*




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