Letters Between Friends | AMATEUR MAKEUP TUTORIAL

Dear Tricia,

I hope you thoroughly enjoy this because it is one hot mess!

Your challenge for next week should you choose to except it: letters between friends crafty Tricia edition. I want to see the right side of Tricia’s brain hard at work!



Letters Between Friends: SUNSHINE & SUMMERTIME with 70SPF


Dear Tricia,

How is it that I move from a job where I have summers off BACK to a job where I work year round and this has been one of the funnest summers yet!?

I’ve been working hard to make it a point to take the girls places and do fun summer things…BUT also making sure they see all the work.

But let’s get serious…when you’re “working” with a 2 and almost 4-year-old, everything is entertaining!

Our Summer Activity…

1.      We are outside with LOTS with animals.  We have acquired quite a few animals lately, which requires lots of extra time outside…

The Kittens… Charlotte & Mona  Continue reading

Letters Between Friends: GREEK “CULTURE”


Last week, Lindsay asked me four questions:

1|  If you were to go get a cup of coffee, where would you go?
2|  Diet wise, what’s the biggest difference?
3|  What habit or norm of the Greeks most fascinated you?
4|  What does fashion look like in Greece?

Check out my answers over on her blog, Wild Ginger!

Lindsay's Blog Logo

Letters Between Friends: HOMETOWN

Last week in my vlog I asked Lindsay to show me Peoria in summer!  She delivered with some BEAUTIFUL pictures that make me feel a bit more connected to my Midwest roots.


Dear Tricia,

I’m scared showing you all these pictures of Peoria.  I don’t want you to get sad or start crying.  BUT you told me to so I have to.

OK!  Top 4 things I bet you’re missing about Home/Peoria/USA…

1.     This week was the Heart of Illinois Fair.  All the local fairs are happening right now…Now I’m sure you miss those creepy carneys who always seem to have extra long butt cracks.  But what’s more American then EVERYTHING fried??  Bet they don’t do that in Athens!


2.     Country Living at it’s finest…  Continue reading

Letters Between Friends: AT THE STORE


It’s been three weeks since Lindsay wrote me a letter, but she MORE than makes up for it with this video tour of her new store (and for promising to give my Peoria cat Rory some food).  

Lindsay, here are my reactions, please leave a comment answering the questions.

  1. You are so cute being all nervous about small-town shame-glances!  Princeville peeps could only dream of being cool enough to vlog (maybe you will start a trend).
  2. WINEINGER TRUCK.  Here come the feels.
  3. Your store is so cool, and it’s YOURS, and I definitely thought there was a live horse standing by the doorway when you walked past.
  4. Forest!  I love that your college cat has a new place to live and explore, and honestly, I am 400% more likely to frequent a store with a resident cat, so GOOD JOB.
  5. Why can’t you kiss the baby chickens!?  
  6. What in the world is Mint Udder Cream?  Is it…milk-based shampoo?  Is it a soothing cream to rub on cow’s udders?  Is it a food!?
  7. You look exactly like Ruthie when you are apologizing, and it made me laugh out loud.

Thank for the vlog, Friend!  I loved getting a glimpse of your new life, and I can’t wait to buy (not the expensive gluten-free organic) animal food from you when I’m home for the holidays!

!!   UPDATE  !!
Lindsay responded to my responses
with a SECOND VIDEO that you can see over at Wild Ginger!  
“So you thought the horse was real…”

Letters Between Friends: SPEAKING FREELY


Dear Tricia,

This is so surreal.  I have NO secrets.  I can blog freely (when I find/make the time time!) AND I am a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER!

HOLY CRAP!  *There is slight panic, giddy-ness and HALLELUJAH in that exclamation. *

I am mainly working on learning the ropes/the different feeds/the people.  There is also a slight film of dust on everything (you can imagine what I acquire from the feed and seed and dirty farm boots).  So I sweep and clean and mop to de-stress.

Oh BOOTS!  Nathan bought be a pair of boots to make me more legit.  I think it worked.  Did you see my picture…I feel FARM-y.


I didn’t really realize how heavy keeping things in was until yesterday.  Yesterday, I could talk about anything and everything.  I’m officially OFFICALLY done at the school and I stood in the feed store and the (AMAZING) previous store owners introduced Nathan and I to everyone that walked in as the new store owners.  We may be living on Ramen and pancakes for a couple months, but I am floating with peace and joy and excited anticipation.

I’m trying to stay as up to date as possible on your page.  But of course, I would much rather be there.  I saw on my phone the other night that is was 39 degrees?!?  We are now in the ROASTING stage here in P-town!  Your pictures with Mallory make me coo out loud.  Nathan laughs at me.

I apologize I don’t have much else to communicate.  I’ve forgotten what it was like to blog so FREELY!  I miss you friend.  Praying for you daily.  Do I have a punishment that I am unknowingly yet purposefully forgetting?  Just checking.

Love, Lindsay

Letters Between Friends: HEALTHY DOSE OF CUTENESS


Dear Tricia,

There are sooo many reasons why I value your friendship, but this…THIS has made if even stronger.
For anyone else reading this, I had the week from HELL last week…Like, verging depression, and I straight up sent Tricia a letter like…”All the reasons I am not physically capable of writing you a letter this week…” Mind you, I sent it on Saturday, so I was already stupid late…
But you, sweet Tricia, gave me just what I needed.  Some may think they hear sarcasm in my voice, but nope.  You need to talk to Ruthie about your listening ears.
This…. this is what you sent me…
I’m not sure if one day in counciling class, it went something like this, “If in the course of the conversation, your client feels hopeless, confused, slightly broken and almost defeated, show them baby animals.  Things will take a different direction.”
Why do they have an affect like that?!?!  Sweet Tricia…thank you for your encouragement.  And being on my side and not trying to fix things but agreeing with me that people do stupid things sometimes (including me, but we wont talk about that.)
I’m so excited you get to hang out with Mallory this week.
I think a few people have tagged us in this picture before.. seems a good conclusion to a cute animal post.  It’s you and I vicariously displayed in the form of cute baby animals.
Love you!  Thanks for your mercy this week.  Punish me if you will…I deserve it and it might give me some inspiration!