Letters Between Friends: HEALTHY DOSE OF CUTENESS


Dear Tricia,

There are sooo many reasons why I value your friendship, but this…THIS has made if even stronger.
For anyone else reading this, I had the week from HELL last week…Like, verging depression, and I straight up sent Tricia a letter like…”All the reasons I am not physically capable of writing you a letter this week…” Mind you, I sent it on Saturday, so I was already stupid late…
But you, sweet Tricia, gave me just what I needed.  Some may think they hear sarcasm in my voice, but nope.  You need to talk to Ruthie about your listening ears.
This…. this is what you sent me…
I’m not sure if one day in counciling class, it went something like this, “If in the course of the conversation, your client feels hopeless, confused, slightly broken and almost defeated, show them baby animals.  Things will take a different direction.”
Why do they have an affect like that?!?!  Sweet Tricia…thank you for your encouragement.  And being on my side and not trying to fix things but agreeing with me that people do stupid things sometimes (including me, but we wont talk about that.)
I’m so excited you get to hang out with Mallory this week.
I think a few people have tagged us in this picture before.. seems a good conclusion to a cute animal post.  It’s you and I vicariously displayed in the form of cute baby animals.
Love you!  Thanks for your mercy this week.  Punish me if you will…I deserve it and it might give me some inspiration!

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