Letters Between Friends: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARLING


Dear Sweet and wonderful and ONE YEAR OLDER  (Tomorrow) Tricia!


I want to fill this letter with so many wonderful things…that you would enjoy on your birthday (tomorrow)!  So here is my attempt…



Photo creds to your mom.  She helped me with this one.  Your cat misses you, but because cats are so intelligent, he knows how important it is that you are there, so he completely understands.  He sits on the piano bench and only leaves to eat, drink, and use the litter box.  He’s doing great.

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Letters Between Friends: SUPERGLUE


This week I wrote to Lindsay about a DISASTER that occurred!  Check out our ongoing friendship pen pal relationship over at Wild Ginger.

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Letters Between Friends: THE CHART

My Peoria church is quickly becoming a danger zone – once people start having kids, there will have to be strict NO DATING ANYONE IN YOUTH GROUP BECAUSE YOU ARE PROBABLY RELATED rules!


Dear Tricia,

I still can’t see straight.  I’m still exhausted from this weekend’s activities.   Overall, Ashley & Daniel’s wedding  was a huge success.  No one body-checked anyone, the wedding ceremony went off without a hitch, at the reception, the food was great, we line danced, and we all left to go home before 10pm!  The hiccups, though all INCREDIBLY minor, consisted of 6 shout wipes and Ashley’s train before the ceremony, a BLUBBERY matron of honor speech and Ashley’s wallet sitting on my dining room table as they start the drive to Wisconsin.

There was a moment later into the reception where Wendy, Abby, Emily, Ashley & I were standing in a circle arms around each others’ shoulders.  I don’t remember who, but someone said, “We all are really sisters now…”  And it’s so crazy to wrap my brain around that.  I don’t know why, because we’ve talked about it for a LONG time…  Just more real I guess.

So for today, I made “THE CHART!”  I was giggling as I made this…We are one TWISTED group of people.  But no bubbles re-connect so that’s the important party RIGHT!?

I’m so GLAD you are having mental BREAKTHROUGH with the language!  You are pretty incredible.  You know that?

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!  Miss you like crazy!



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Letters Between Friends: WEDDING WEEKEND


This week Lindsay is spending all of her time helping her sister-in-law get married, so I thought it was a great opportunity to remember HER wedding in all its silly, beautiful grandeur.  Check out my letter to Lindsay on her site, Wild Ginger.

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Lindsay’s letter this week just makes me mad that we are writing letters to each other and not going out for coffee dates.  I want to externally process Lindsay’s external processing problems with her!  


Dear Tricia,

My goal is to do 2 things today…

Make you slightly jealous of the snow (because I hate it), then just blabber a little.

Just within the last few days, it has been warm enough that if the kids wanted to play in the snow, they wouldn’t freeze.  I believe I am truly blessed though, because all the girls really want to do is find the fresh snow and put their shoe print in it.  They hate the idea of being wet or dirty.  Tess did realize though, that if the snow is too deep, then her foot gets wet.  …and she stepped in a puddle the other day because Ruthie did in her purple rain boots…that’s didn’t work out so well for Tess in her crocs.

So, it began to snow when we got out of the car on Tuesday night and Ruthie was determined to catch it in her mouth…and Tessa was determined to do whatever Ruthie was doing, but she couldn’t figure out the whole tongue thing.

Now, in the mornings when I wake the girls up, Ruthie, in her groggy 3 year old morning voice, asks, “Mommy, is it still Christmas out?”  and I usually reply, “Yes, but it will probably melt some more today.”  It’s supposed to be in the 60s this weekend!!! WHAT?!?!?


I don’t know if you can speak into this slightly, but alls to say all I really need to do is externally process my external processing.

At the Hearts @ Home Conference last year, I shared the stuff with you about how I was blown away, but all totally clicked that I was an introvert because of how I recharge, AND an EXTERNAL processor by how I make decisions.  When I make a decision, everyone around me will know my reasoning because I have talked them out over and over again.  This also means that if I say I will do something, you can’t count on it until I actually do it…me externally saying something is BIG step toward the end result, but I needed to hear myself make the commitment, before I actually MAKE the choice.  Does that make any sense?!?

Well, currently, I am in a situation at work, where things have to remain confidential.  AND I’ve made a commitment to myself, that I wouldn’t post work issues on here, first, because they are kids, but mostly because my work peeps read my blog and this is not a place to hash that out!  Alls to say though, this situation at work is causing LOTS of stress and I CANT TALK ABOUT IT!

Then, I talked to you about this a little Sunday (that was wonderful BTW), but there are some family opportunities and news at home that we can’t talk about publicly for the sake of family business stuff, but its BIG decisions.  AND I CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT!

My externally processing self is EATING MYSELF ALIVE from the inside out.  I avoid blogging, because I can’t physically think about anything else, and I am over agitated and anxious which I know others can see.  Tuesday night, I was up journaling/reading/working I didn’t even go to bed.  I finally closed my computer at 4:45am and jumped in the shower for work.  NOT OK.

Counselor friend, I need you.

DO NOT BE ANXIOUS about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Phil 4:6

BUT knowing what God’s capable of gets me MORE anxious and excited.  Um. Now what.

Ok, I’ve talked too much about myself this time…

I miss you like CRAZY!  I pray for you constantly.  Let’s Skype again soon!



Letters Between Friends: MY OTHER VALENTINE


Head over to Wild Ginger Blog to read my latest letter to Lindsay
where I profess my Friendship Vows!

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Letters Between Friends: FRIENDSHIP MAKES US CRY

LettersBtwnFriendsDear Tricia,

I was writing you a letter last night, so proud that I would get it to you early, but then I read it, and it was sooo dull.  I make no promises for this one, but topping last night’s would not be hard.

Wineinger life is crazy.  We are full swing wedding.  T-Minus 23 days!  This weekend, a handful of us are going to STL for a bach-ette weekend for Ashley.  I can’t tell you what we are doing because it’s a surprise, but I’m sure you’ll see pictures.  Then, it’s back to the wedding countdown.

File_000 (7)Um, question…what were we like in the youth group?  Did I ever make you angry and not want to talk to me?  Or to Lisa & I? I remember it being difficult because we were from other schools, but we chatted over AIM and made weekend plans.  I’ve been observing our group…figuring out dynamics and analyzing as we talk about bringing this new guy in.  (We haven’t picked yet, but we are close, God-willing.)  I know there is a difference between 15-year-old Lindsay & Tricia and 20-something Lindsay & Tricia AND this current group.

Friendship is such a weird concept to me.  *Sorry, I’m getting really deep this morning.* We kind of talked about this in youth group also.  What makes an amazing friendship?  The kids said:

  • Trust
  • Like the same things
  • Time
  • Know what each other’s thinking or like-mind

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Letters Between Friends: NETFLIX ADDICTION

Yet another reason why Lindsay and I are such good friends…I can 100% understand her obsessive personality.  Why only like something if you can LOVE IT TO PIECES?  


Dear Tricia,

I’m riding the struggle bus this week…

The first step is admitting I have a problem…so Tricia…I HAVE A PROBLEM…


How does NETFLIX do this??  I’m consumed…It’s out of control…I think I’m ADDICTED!  I am currently watching “Switched at Birth.”


It’s basically all the normal family problems put to the extreme.  AND it includes deaf characters so LOTS of sign language.  It feels so good to see it all again… *sigh*

Signs of Addiction:

Loss of control:  It’s like I don’t even feel my finger hit the play button.  Wait?!!?

Neglecting Other Activities:  Dishes, cleaning up toys, the house, laundry, sleep.

Secrecy:  I’ve started watching it on my phone if I can’t sleep after laying in bed for an hour…with headphones…under the blanket…THE LIGHT COULD WAKE NATHAN UP!

Withdrawal:  I’m anxious to get to someplace with wireless and free time so I can watch more.

Change in Appearance:  Besides the bags under my eyes from being tired from staying up too late from watching, last night, I signed my sentence at Nathan during band practice when he was across the room.

Maybe this is just a “Switched at Birth” addiction…I’ve already looked into what it would take to become an interpreter…and signing in the car to practice…and looking goofy by myself when no one’s looking.

Nope…I don’t think so…I was like this with Scandal…and Jane the Virgin…and…well…ANYWAY!

Well, praise the sweet Lord for technology.  I needed our chat this weekend, and it’s comforting that the person who knows most is only a wireless signal away.

I’m praying for your sanity and your excitement and relationships and your new place.  AND we also have to figure out this time change…I’m realizing right now that it’s 5:30pm on Thursday right now, and your THURSDAY is almost over!  AH!