Letters Between Friends: FRIENDSHIP MAKES US CRY

LettersBtwnFriendsDear Tricia,

I was writing you a letter last night, so proud that I would get it to you early, but then I read it, and it was sooo dull.  I make no promises for this one, but topping last night’s would not be hard.

Wineinger life is crazy.  We are full swing wedding.  T-Minus 23 days!  This weekend, a handful of us are going to STL for a bach-ette weekend for Ashley.  I can’t tell you what we are doing because it’s a surprise, but I’m sure you’ll see pictures.  Then, it’s back to the wedding countdown.

File_000 (7)Um, question…what were we like in the youth group?  Did I ever make you angry and not want to talk to me?  Or to Lisa & I? I remember it being difficult because we were from other schools, but we chatted over AIM and made weekend plans.  I’ve been observing our group…figuring out dynamics and analyzing as we talk about bringing this new guy in.  (We haven’t picked yet, but we are close, God-willing.)  I know there is a difference between 15-year-old Lindsay & Tricia and 20-something Lindsay & Tricia AND this current group.

Friendship is such a weird concept to me.  *Sorry, I’m getting really deep this morning.* We kind of talked about this in youth group also.  What makes an amazing friendship?  The kids said:

  • Trust
  • Like the same things
  • Time
  • Know what each other’s thinking or like-mind

I chimed in and said it was a mutual commitment.  If you don’t want to be friends with me, over time I could talk to you every day, but if there’s no mutual feelings, then I’d just be an annoyance.  On the flip side, perfect example…You and some of your peeps there are seeking companionship with one another.  You will become GREAT friends in a short amount of time because you’re invested in building that relationship.


TRUE friendship is really like a marriage without the sex/kissing or the official contract.  Well, crap!  Now that we’ve come to that understanding, you can instantly  see how much I miss you, how I’m a little lonely right now, and right about now I’m timid but desperate for a new friend, but desperately thrilled and so excited you are not here.

Friendship is sooo weird.  Well, any kind of relationship is really.  Feelings are weird!  Is this why people become counselors?!?! Because of how awesomely awful/wonderful feelings are?!  *I just laughed and cried all while writing this first part…DANG FEELINGS!*

Now, back to Europe…As I read your stuff, the things I find most enchanting is your language class; to have all those people from all over the world together in one place.  It seems like a scene from a movie…and then you go up to the roof for tea. *and CUT!*  Dina…I can feel her faithfulness in Central IL.  God is shooting fireworks out of her heart that we can see in the US of A.  I’ll write more again soon.

Oh!  Also, can you add me to the email list and maybe if you think of it, email me Feb’s newsletter.  Ok, I’m about mentally out and it’s only 9am here…5pm there!



File_000 (8)

My reaction to ALL YOUR DUMB EMOTIONS that I also feel now HOW DARE YOU

Photo on 2-4-16 at 5.40 PM #2

2 thoughts on “Letters Between Friends: FRIENDSHIP MAKES US CRY

  1. Lindsay @ Wild Ginger Blog February 4, 2016 / 6:15 pm

    HAHAHAHA!!! If it sounds like I’m laughing at you…I am. But don’t worry. I was just as messy…at my desk…in public…with children coming it.


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