Letters Between Friends: THE CHART

My Peoria church is quickly becoming a danger zone – once people start having kids, there will have to be strict NO DATING ANYONE IN YOUTH GROUP BECAUSE YOU ARE PROBABLY RELATED rules!


Dear Tricia,

I still can’t see straight.  I’m still exhausted from this weekend’s activities.   Overall, Ashley & Daniel’s wedding  was a huge success.  No one body-checked anyone, the wedding ceremony went off without a hitch, at the reception, the food was great, we line danced, and we all left to go home before 10pm!  The hiccups, though all INCREDIBLY minor, consisted of 6 shout wipes and Ashley’s train before the ceremony, a BLUBBERY matron of honor speech and Ashley’s wallet sitting on my dining room table as they start the drive to Wisconsin.

There was a moment later into the reception where Wendy, Abby, Emily, Ashley & I were standing in a circle arms around each others’ shoulders.  I don’t remember who, but someone said, “We all are really sisters now…”  And it’s so crazy to wrap my brain around that.  I don’t know why, because we’ve talked about it for a LONG time…  Just more real I guess.

So for today, I made “THE CHART!”  I was giggling as I made this…We are one TWISTED group of people.  But no bubbles re-connect so that’s the important party RIGHT!?

I’m so GLAD you are having mental BREAKTHROUGH with the language!  You are pretty incredible.  You know that?

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!  Miss you like crazy!



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