Letters Between Friends: SPEAKING FREELY


Dear Tricia,

This is so surreal.  I have NO secrets.  I can blog freely (when I find/make the time time!) AND I am a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER!

HOLY CRAP!  *There is slight panic, giddy-ness and HALLELUJAH in that exclamation. *

I am mainly working on learning the ropes/the different feeds/the people.  There is also a slight film of dust on everything (you can imagine what I acquire from the feed and seed and dirty farm boots).  So I sweep and clean and mop to de-stress.

Oh BOOTS!  Nathan bought be a pair of boots to make me more legit.  I think it worked.  Did you see my picture…I feel FARM-y.


I didn’t really realize how heavy keeping things in was until yesterday.  Yesterday, I could talk about anything and everything.  I’m officially OFFICALLY done at the school and I stood in the feed store and the (AMAZING) previous store owners introduced Nathan and I to everyone that walked in as the new store owners.  We may be living on Ramen and pancakes for a couple months, but I am floating with peace and joy and excited anticipation.

I’m trying to stay as up to date as possible on your page.  But of course, I would much rather be there.  I saw on my phone the other night that is was 39 degrees?!?  We are now in the ROASTING stage here in P-town!  Your pictures with Mallory make me coo out loud.  Nathan laughs at me.

I apologize I don’t have much else to communicate.  I’ve forgotten what it was like to blog so FREELY!  I miss you friend.  Praying for you daily.  Do I have a punishment that I am unknowingly yet purposefully forgetting?  Just checking.

Love, Lindsay

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