Let’s Talk About…Captain America

If you don’t know what The Toast is, too late, it’s about to shut down.  But never fear, Elizabeth and I are here to fulfill the internet’s need for besties shouting at each other via online chat platforms.

Tricia:  GASP that reminds me did you watch Captain America Civil War?

Elizabeth: does it have Loki in it?

Tricia:  No, but there’s a part where Captain America (wearing a tight grey t-shirt) holds onto a helicopter and a building, and HIS ARMS THO.  I blushed and had to cover my face in the theater.

Elizabeth:  ❤

Tricia:  I have never been more interested in the gun show.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.43.56 PM

Elizabeth:  wow
I’m not generally into the muscular types, but wow
Oh my gosh, he would hug you and you’d just disappear into his arms

Tricia:  Yes exactly!! I usually like my men Tom Hiddleston lean, but WOW.  He could CARE for you with those arms.  Chop you some timber and build you a house and then carry you to the bed he also built with THOSE ARMS.

Tricia:  You are Mallory, I am Nicole.
Movie Yelling with Mallory and Nicole: Captain America: Civil War.”

Elizabeth:  They make these on gchat?
We are them!
“I tweeted repeatedly about the hair’s badness and went to bed” yes, this does sound like me
we are Mallory and Nicole
younger and without kids

Tricia:  thank God

Elizabeth:  “NICOLE: Bc of the EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT of the character.” <–totally you

Tricia:  HAHAHHA I know!!
Whereas Mallory can’t be bothered to give a fuck
Will occasionally say, “oh I see why you got so emotional I guess”

Elizabeth:  I’m sending you the first Lord Peter book which doesn’t have as much great Peter-Harriet interaction as some of his others but it’s important BECAUSE OF THE EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT of the characters

Tricia:  I love you.  You know me so well.

Elizabeth:  ❤
“MALLORY: Lord Buckington and Steve had so much chemistry”
Do we ship Bucky/Steve?

Tricia:  Yes we DO

Elizabeth:  good.  They’re real cute together in this gif.


Tricia:  I mean, the amount of loyalty and “I will screw over all my friends, ALL OF THEM, in order to maybe spend five minutes with Bucky” is just too much.  They’re totally in love

Elizabeth:  “NICOLE: So, in Winter Soldier, which is about THE GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE STATE And how the world’s governments are corrupt and watching everyone constantly, largely due to a computer Nazi (hang in with me here) There is a scary dude in a mask and bad hair and a metal arm, trying to kill everyone on behalf of Hydra (the computer Nazi and also now human Nazis.)”


Elizabeth:  omg this is so not realistic
*two* frozen WWII guys??

Tricia:  it’s a movie about super serum superheroes
it’s not meant to be realistic

Elizabeth:  Wait, I thought they were frozen
is it a freezing serum?

Tricia:  No that was an accident (Steve) or torture (Bucky)

Elizabeth:  fuck
well, I hope they and their super serum are very happy together
These movies have Robert Redford in them???
Can we sidetrack to discuss how hott young Robert Redford was?
A bit creepy and plastic now, but I make no judgements on people for getting plastic surgery; Hollywood’s a bitch


Tricia:  Robert Redford was 90s Brad Pitt
And yes, he’s in Winter Soldier!

Elizabeth:  huh?
70s Brad Pitt
was Brad Pitt 90s Brad Pitt?  How old is Brad Pitt?

Tricia:  …I don’t really know.

Elizabeth:  OMG they’re still talking about the second movie
I haven’t seen any of these movies

Tricia:  You must!
Or you could wait until you are in Greece, and we could NOT see Greece and instead sit inside and watch Steve and Bucky go through multiple crises.

Elizabeth:  Well, but we have to carve out some time for movie yelling about Ex Machina

Tricia:  Oh you’re right.  Can you Redbox that and bring it?


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